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  1. got it :3 leaving : http://dragcave.net/teleport/4ccba04858034...69014ecf474e2a8
  2. Got it :3 leaving: http://dragcave.net/teleport/19e25b6504e36...41cee112f0aa173
  3. I hate it when people pick on emos, goths punks etc, when they know nothing about it and tend to just believe the stereotypes, or when people force their religion or beliefs onto me.
  4. collect all the ashes, hold them in your hand and squeeze really hard until something happens how do i hatch my eggs ?
  5. I give you a flaming pencil with the ability to make your doodlings come to life and serve you for eternity
  6. Our lively kings found snakes near rainy coastline qajfslnk
  7. i think the new dragons will probably rare because of all the metals dropping in the cave
  8. This game is in another website I go to and the thread was funny and pretty good so I'll do it here. Here's how this game works. Somebody complains about something being in their soup, and then the next poster gives a reason or way to fix it and complains about their soup. Example: Me:Waiter, There's ice in my soup! Next person:Then melt it in the microwave. Waiter, there's a gameboy in my soup. Another person: Clean it, fix it and it's yours.
  9. I would love a cb winter for my linage project
  10. i wish i had a holly, better luck next year i supose
  11. i hate the idea of discontiueing the holly dragon, i like them so much