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  1. I know!!! Only two more days!!! I can't wait!!!
  2. Nico! I am so excited for MoA so I can find out what Gaea did to him... Hehehehe X3
  3. Percy Jackson. Though Eragon is a close second... But Percy is just awesomer.
  4. Me and my friend LOVE them!!! The Sea of Monsters movie is supposed to come out next year!!! SOOO Excited!!! Thor Freudenthal is directing it. I told my sister Thor was directing the movie, and she thought I was talking about the Norse god... Heheheh Only 7 more days til MoA comes out!!!
  5. I personally liked Son of Neptune best. My second favorites are all the rest! Hehe
  6. I'm trying to finish Abarat, but once the 2nd comes I will be reading MoA!!!! SOOOO excited!!! Oh, MoA is Mark of Athena.
  7. According to Pottermore, I am a Slytherin. And everybody in the common room was really nice, so... I don't think Slytherin is evil.
  8. I usually adopt abandoned ones. But I don't really care where my dragons come from...
  9. You have enough time, but only cause the power went out, so now you cant watch Last Airbender!!! I wish I was Batman!!!
  10. revealing little of the depth of affection the two women shared. - Treasures of the North. Its my mom's book...
  11. the dog jumped in the pond then the cat jumped in the pond and said "this was better in my head The cat ran out Next: I can type with my nose and my toes, But i cant type with my elbows