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  1. Awsome! And which dragons you have to breed to get the second egg?
  2. Yepppiiii! Just got gifted a new release egg!
  3. Already trying for 5 hours to get at least 1. No luck:( if only people wouldn`t try to fully egglock themselves with new release eggs(
  4. So they re dropping every hour or every 5 mins?
  5. Gift received To: lalalas From: evilSpectra Lineage link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/S4p5D Lister wants to be removed? Yes
  6. Found this beauty - http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZhsDM
  7. The design of eggs is normal būt also white interesting. I hope that will change their colour as we already have so many pink dragons. The event also is awsome, but unfourtenately i havent got any flowers(
  8. As I thought, no email for me) I`m never lucky
  9. I like the adults! So lovely! And as I understand they are Spirits of Christmas.
  10. For this Christmas I would like a CB Neghatched!
  11. Where I can find this mini game if I have made a gingerbread house?
  12. What am I able to make out of these? Roast Chicken x 13 Grain x ∞ Herbs x ∞ Poultry x ∞ Sugar x ∞ Yeast x ∞
  13. How this red star dish can be made?
  14. Where I can get these ingridients? I dont see them nowhere!
  15. When the past event eggs are going to be breadable?
  16. Managed to catch 4 of new sweeties and accidentally in AP one Magna 2gen egg, decided have it) So I`m quite happy!
  17. Thank you very much!I got one egg, and incubated others to get more!
  18. Where I can catch these new sweeties?
  19. What are you saying? You still have like 7 hours
  20. I think the meant that he influenced that eggs