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  1. i incubated all mine cuz impatient
  2. there is a need for the raise in kill slots patience is one thing but making someone wait an unreasonable amount of time is another. lets say that someone like myself who doesn't know when to start letting things die or forgets to do so before halloween only has their 5 kill slots to use. for the sake of this comment lets say all 5 are successful revivals thats 39/5 which is 6 almost 7. you're asking someone like me to be patient for nearly 7 years to collect even just 1 of each type of zombie (1 of each stage as well) even if you saved up fodder for the couple weeks prior and if that was a 100% revive success wait as well youd still be looking at a couple years waiting which is still unresonable. there either need to be far more kill slots at least for halloween day or there need to be other was to get zombies all year.
  3. yeah we need way more kill slots than 5 with the load of zombies there are these days...
  4. egg locked with new eggs , 5 stabbed dragons 2 of which revived into zombies(out of the crap ton more i still would love to have...we need more kill slots...) so productive night
  5. i too saw that egg. got really excited and then missed it
  6. so far my best code is an egg called zeada which is actually a name o.o apparently
  7. i have won the minesweeper thing 3 times by pure chance without using the cure thingys
  8. Here is my submission! Author: linda3.0 Fandom(s): pokemon Character 1: pikachu (male) Character 2: pikachu (female) Title: (optional) gift of apple My story: A female Pikachu sat in the grass under an apple tree. She started feeling hungry and looked up into the tree. An apple would be great right about now to fill her empty belly they looked red and juicy. However she didn’t know how to get one down and so they were out of reach. She sat there looking at the apples as a male Pikachu happened to walk by. Her stomach growled loudly which made him stop in his tracks and look over. The male Pikachu looked between the female and the apples in the tree briefly. He charged up a bolt of electricity and with careful aim sent it high into the tree knocking loose two apples from the branches. They fell to the earth with 2 dull thuds and he went to pick them up in his paws. The female Pikachu looked over as she heard the thuds and footsteps nearby. there sat the male with an apple in each paw looking at her. He offered her An apple which made her smile and made him smile too. The two of them sat in the grass together munching away on their apples it was adorable.
  9. Name : 2G silver abby x butterfly Breed : silver tinsel Mate/s : speckle throats Fail to produce : silver tinsel Progeny : http://dragcave.net/progeny/RheRX look at this mess shes made like 1 shiny baby with each mate and usually just pops out more and more speckles
  10. cant get the CB green coppers I need for someone
  11. bred all 4 of my 2G prizes and none of them made a shiny egg
  12. realizing too late that i traded the first offspring from one of my dragons away to someone thats just gonna let it die
  13. accidentally gave away three 4G gold shimmer hatchlings because i hit 1 way transfer instead of 2 way trade and didnt realize till later =P
  14. woo got both mine within the first 10min <3
  15. i havnt been able to play... ive been stuck on the first day this entire time. i get to where youre supposed to cut a tree down and the girl goes to chop hers and the sound happens but the tree doesnt vanish and then it just freezes there.
  16. is this glitched for anyone else? i go to choose which tree i want chop it but then cant move anywhere afterwards even though i can still open the inventory and such
  17. o.o bred 5 second gen vine eggs and 2 of them alted
  18. why are so many of these gendering male? o.o
  19. it took me like 3hrs to catch 7 eggs and as i said in an earlier post i ended up giving 3 to my bf because by the time he went hunting he told me he saw absolutley none all day. ive adopted the use of the open infinite tabs and pray theres an egg type of holiday grabbing
  20. these must have been snatched up really quickly because im seeing a lot of people who missed out on them. (aside from those who just couldnt or didnt get on to get any) even my bf couldnt find any so i ended up giving him 3 of mine
  21. out of 16 attempted zombies 0 revived back to full life and only 3 revived to zombies. thats really annoying plus 2 of the zombies are male when i needed a male and a female.none of the girls wanted to live
  22. whew... nearly passing out from being tired but i got my eggs! im locked with 7! -passes out-
  23. wow... this year things just didnt want to return to life. i only revived 3 things out of the 16 i tried (all 3 got zombied). i only have 1 chance left to get the female zombie hatchy i need after this or it will be another year of waiting.
  24. so many tabs.... so much clicking.... but i currently have 2 eggs <3