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  1. Gotcha! Scroll name: TacoRocco Threw a snow-ball at: Stellalala Scroll name: TacoRocco Threw a snow-ball at: Awdz Scroll name: TacoRocco Threw a snow-ball at: Siberian_014 Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: TacoRocco
  2. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name:TacoRocco If you hit me, message me and I'll make sure to return the favor
  3. Geez, there are so many people in Volcano @.@
  4. You should have started this at 7:00am on the 7th of July, which just happens to be a Sunday, so the event could last a whole week, from beginning to end.
  5. I kind of dont want the Soul Peaces to have the BSA because they'd probably have the Heal BSA, and it wouldnt be as much of a surprise..
  6. The Batman egg should become a real egg. That would be amazing.
  7. You should keep /Iocations open all year long
  8. Suddenly, it reverted back to the way it used to be. I hope it changes back to the new way
  9. I hope these Speckledorf Dragons look as cool as their eggs do.
  10. I think Speckledorf Dragon sounds like a better name
  11. Select a Recipient: o Send to: TacoRocco I don't need anyone else, I have myself.
  12. I got 2 eggs! Woot! I want to get more, but I need to wait for my current eggs to hatch. They are low timers and incubated. I dont want to put the incubate to waste.
  13. I just got my zombies, so zombies are working
  14. TacoRocco


    Just a note about the title of this thread, you said "most scary" when the proper term is "scariest". Anyways, I have tried playing this game before and I just can't get past the third note because I get so nervous I just quit the game because I don't want to get scared. My friend has made it to the 6th note before getting caught.
  15. I think it is pretty hard to beat these finds: Lineage 1 Lineage 2
  16. I saw that and I was like "Who took a dump all over the abandoned eggs page?"