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  1. Is this actual release or just a joke
  2. Have: CB whiptail Want: 2G whiptail from whiptail X male gold Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. I think this is dead, but if not: I'd like a banner please! Eggs: Golden Wyvern, Gold Dragon, Silver Dragon, Copper Dragon (all 3), Prize Dragon (all 3 tinsels, all 4 shimmers including Jewel egg), Lunar Herald (all 4 including indigo) Starting Color: Tell me which color you would like the spectrum to begin with (i.e. red first, blue first, green first, etc) or leave this blank to let me decide - Jewel egg to start, and end with indigo herald. Also, if you take requests with predetermined orders, here is mine: Jewel, Gold shimmer, Gold tinsel, golden Wyvern, Gold lunar herald, go
  4. Low interest? That thing was crazy popular
  5. no, the actual thread named Players vs Mods, that I made?
  6. Dragan3000 Drerrryŷyy A dreary attempt
  7. Just wanting to ask a question here, what happened to Players vs Mods? I can't find the thread anywhere
  8. I wonder what you said when you found it
  9. I'm in multiple megacollabs as of right now, yuy Also:
  10. They don't have the Flying Alongside Airplanes BSA. Where online can I buy multiple CB rares?
  11. It leaches into the ocean. You wondered why water looks green? If copper is yellow and gold is pinkish red, why did I drop five shoe sizes in September?
  12. I've removed a bunch. I guess this is why they don't allow naive under-13s onto most sites ( ͡° ͜°)
  13. Osmium prize dragons. TJ. LET. THIS. EXIST.
  14. Well, now that I look at some of the things I named my dragons (which are generally because of the code), I pretty much cringed myself into a parallel universe. "Ed came" "Groin Distortions" ew "Glowstone Oreos Get Me High" what the rotating frick was I thinking?