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  1. You don't actually need a 3DS to play it. You could play it on a good old '05 grey DS if you really wanted to.
  2. I accidentally dropped a metal bar about 10 pounds on my big toe... The nail snapped in half and grew back weird. Even know it's about three times as thick as a normal toenail should be.
  3. Snagged that one just now, thanks! Fits well with my Magi dragon! None of my favorite old names from before my scroll got wiped of names were still available. That's what I get for taking such a long DC hiatus.
  4. I am surprised by the lack of Homestuckers here at DC! Oh well. So, anyone else dying to learn Mom's and Bro's names? I'm thinking Dick and Rita. :3
  5. I don't really think of it as "terrifying citizens." Unless you plan to commit murder, it doesn't apply to citizens in general. And if you are criminally inclined, then a bit of intimidation is necessary to disincline a person. Thinking about it a bit more, I'm almost not convincing myself. If a person is inclined to murder, they obviously aren't going to have their mindset swayed to begin with... As far as the tax issue goes, I was really just going off on a tangent there, but if you were to chose between using your tax money to provide for murderers or to kill them, which would you choose?
  6. I wouldn't really say that. They have a loose formula worked out, but nothing that would constitute calling them total reboots in my opinion.
  7. I know that wasn't really addressing me but anyway jailtime isn't as effective as the death penalty. The potential to be executed would have a greater psychological impact on would-be criminals through fear, and thus in a way its removing them from society before the crime is even committed by keeping them in line. Also there's the issue of tax money, but I don't like to use that in an argument because the issue of money shouldn't really be what decides a person's fate.
  8. Recently in the church that I attend (my family is Roman Catholic, so i go to church even though I'm not religious), they've made a switch to more literal interpretations of the Latin prayers. It's really hard to adjust to the new prayers after 15 years of the old ones! Plus I don't really see much of a difference. The kind of switches they made are along the lines of- "The Lord be with you." "And also with you with your spirit." Kinda silly if you ask me!
  9. Yes I agree with this. Personally I would lose a bit of my peace of mind if not for the death penalty. Criminals should be subjected to it as long as there is substantial evidence against them.
  10. I have kind of medium length nails, because touching things feels really uncomfortable with short ones. It's just a personal preference I suppose. >3<
  11. Me personally I would never inbreed for the genetic issues, but I totally understand that its other peoples' decisions. So while I don't really agree with it if it can affect the offspring, I'm not going to go around telling people what they can and can't do.
  12. I have sorta icy blue/grey eyes. Some people find them off-putting but I love the color a lot. :3
  13. Hey guys I made a chart because I was bored and I needed a guideline for my party. Legendaries not included because using legendaries in your party is noobtastic. http://i53.tinypic.com/25iyb8m.png
  14. WoW has nothing on LotRO which is 20 times as fun and free to play with the exception of Mines of Moria. >
  15. Sonic DX Adventure Director's Cut. Chao Garden aaaaaw yeeeeeeeah.
  16. Didn't get any. I figured it would be easier at night with people out trick-or-treating. But of course, Murphy's Law went into play and 1,000 users were online.
  17. Megaman and Bass, when doing Magic Man's stage, I failed to realize that below the train tracks was an endless abyss.
  18. I bet after he started going on and on about his Rattata, you couldn't stand him.
  19. For the love of...I need to get to work. You ten-year old kissers are making me feel old.
  20. Myself. I'm so sexy even a mirror image is doable... No, not really. It's yet to happen as I've been keeping to myself. But I think I really like this girl in my High School (yup, we're froshies) so maybe I'll expect one soon? Dunno, need to find out if we're right for eachother...<3
  21. I actually can't control my racism. Whenever I meet a black person, my mind will instantly register them as an enemy, because of past experiences throughout school. As bad as this sounds, I legitimately cannot control these feelings even if I wanted to. That's not to say I can't get over them. In fact, once I get to know a person, any distinction vanishes. But the first impression will always be bad, whether I want it to be or not. That being said, I'd like to point out the main reason why racism (against african americans) isn't disappearing. Have you ever met a black middle-schooler from public school? The majority (and I cannot stress that word enough) have let their skin color go to their heads. Somehow the stereotype gets the better of them and makes them act out. At least, that's how it is where I live. And I'm not saying that it's ok to be prejudiced against african americans, but I can simply see how it is happening.
  22. *~Soren~*


    As much as I love the game itself, it's so bugged and the Tech support on forums and the phone are just plain crappy, so I can't even enjoy online content, patches, C+C, or Galactic Adventures.
  23. Dude. Murder is a mod? Sweet. Pretty epic choices all around TJ.
  24. The world was amazing, but honestly? The concept has been done before, and the more important details (such as the Navi and animals "linking" together) were too few and far between. The movie's plot obviously had very little thought put into it. Clique and boring. Overall, I disliked the movie, because everything had to be saved by excessive bioluminescense and 3D special effects. Not a good way to make a movie.