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  1. Ok question, are there no cb prizes being released this year?
  2. so thats it, i wish there was more
  3. Lol Yeah I play on my iPod and I don't get how to play the game I already have one of my golds up its just I don't know how to put things in the thing. Very specific I know
  4. Does anyone here other than me know why we celebrate valentines day?
  5. Lol I haven't bred my RA's yet I'm just trying to hord sweetlings Always wanted a alt
  6. Oh well didn't win but there's next year so looking forward to that
  7. Going a little off topic but WHY are there so many brute dragons on the abandoned page?
  8. I hope to get one in the redraw cause I have a great name for bronze/gold CB prizes (not really good for a silver prize tho) but here's the name Shepard of Fire Correct me if I spelled Shepard wrong also to make sure no one steals my idea of the name I already named one of my dragons that Also plan (if I get it fingers crossed) to breed it with a hellfire wyvern. Is it wierd to plan ahead if i get one?
  9. Congrats to all the winners and hope for the redraw. Also I hope someone doesn't take my code idea
  10. If I were to get a CB prize I would not just trade 2nd gen prizes for other 2nd gen prizes (not lowing cause I would but that's not the only thing) I would trade it newbies that have 50 or more dragons but not that many rares (like a person with 75 dragons and 5 ice dragons with awful lineages) and I would also trade/give if you just plain ask (I probably will say no if someone offers me a CB gold for the egg thats bred and you just ask) but I would probably give the person the next egg I'm not complaining that I didn't get a CB prize I'm just saying that some of you that think the people
  11. Has the backup winners been nonified if they won cause some of the winners havent didn't want theirs
  12. -removed, post is off topic-
  13. Here is a method I use which works but not always and you can do it on the phone so what you do is go to somewhere with little people the go grab the last egg the go straight back keep on repeating till you can't do it anymore and it sometimes works I got a copper from doing that plus more like a nebula so it doesn't always but can work that's a FBI secret *cough
  14. Wish I was in the FBI I would get all the CB golds and give them to noobs EDIT: FBI be like: I'm rich in real life and in dragon cave swag ninja
  15. Normal player: damn it didn't get the gold FBI agent player: haha gg good sirs Being in the FBI has its perks
  16. If I win as a backup winner I would cry cause that would be the first time I ever (not just on dragon cave) win a raffle but I'm more than likely not to win at all so congrats to the current winners and congrats to the backup winners who win
  17. I didn't get email oh well gl peps
  18. Just wondering can a person recieve more than one if they had more than one entry and also gl and HF
  19. Don't call me a hater but I don't like the band that much but I like "in the end" by them personally I go for deeper bands like asking Alexandria and others like them
  20. I am waiting till midnight watching code lyoko