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seraphinu.gifc14.pngxGgLcZi.gifAll your Seragammas are belong to me. I breed most things on request, PM me for details.

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    About to drive through a tunnel, in a canyon, on an airplane, while hanging up the phone
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    they/them pronouns
    Sort of active again. Will definitely breed on request, if you insist on giving in return, I'm going to build an army of Seragamma wyverns. I will also take your black alt fails because they are cute and I like to freeze them.

    Now for my wishlist.

    CB silver(to be influenced male)
    CB gold(to be influenced male)
    CB Almandine Pyralspites(at least one pair)
    CB Spessartine Pyralspites(at least one pair)
    2nd gen prizes