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Will decline offers I don't like.Might accept IOUs; fulfilling IOUs as fast as possible.Searching for CB Bluesang, GW, Ice, Magma, TanRidge; 2nd Gen Red/Black with Frill parent; and of course CB and short-lined metalsmy scrollc1.png

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    I like to give eggs from my dragons away, so if I can breed you something, just ask.

    CB stuff I'm searching for:
    Black Capped Teimarr (3f, 3m, 1n)
    Black Tea (2f, 2m, 1n)
    Blacktip (5f, 5m, 1n)
    Bleeding Moon (2f, 5m, 1n)
    Blusang (2f, 3m, 1n)
    Copper blue (4f, 4m,1n)
    Copper brown (4f, 4m,1n)
    Copper rainbow (4f, 4m,1n)
    Dark Myst Pygmy (2f, 1m, 1n)
    Daydream (3f, 2m, 1n)
    Dragonhorse (1m, 1n)
    Gilded Bloodscale (3f, 3m, 1n)
    Gold (4f, 4m)
    Golden Wyvern (1f, 1m, 1n)
    Ice (2f, 3m, 1n)
    Imperial Fleshcrownes (3f, 4m, 1n)
    Lumina (1f, 1n)
    Magma (2f, 3m, 1n)
    Mint (2f, 3m, 1n)
    Nilia Pygmy (2m, 1n)
    Olive (3f, 2m, 1n)
    Paper (2)
    Royal Blue (1f, 1m, 1n)
    Royal Crimson (2f, 1m, 1n)
    Seawyrm Pygmy (2f, 2m, 1n)
    Seragamma (4f, 5m, 1n)
    Silver (4f, 2m)
    Speckle-Throated (3f, 3m, 1n)
    Tan Ridgewing (4f, 4m, 1n)
    Thunder (1m, 1n)
    Tri-Horn (2m, 1f, 1n)
    Tsunami (1f, 1m, 1n)

    2nd Gens:
    Vine Alt (PB / Frill parent)
    Black Alt (PB / Frill or other parents)
    Red (Frill parent)