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On the lookout for new eggs!UEM9xpv.gif (EXMEQ)My Scroll :)KXJyNZH.pngcoolwow99.png

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    Fort Plain, New York
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    On the lookout for any new eggs!
    I am willing to breed my dragons if you want an egg from them.

    Please send me a message so I know you can get it!

    Prize Breeding wait list
    Lady Artemis bred with this http://dragcave.net/view/BUI3R or http://dragcave.net/view/hZlSm

    angelicdragonpuppy ~bred with this http://dragcave.net/view/oxSYn this http://dragcave.net/view/3AzKM or this http://dragcave.net/view/ob2Cf

    sirenyeoh ~bred with this http://dragcave.net/view/nWPuR

    Doublelift bred with this http://dragcave.net/view/7WiKy

    dinogummi bred with this http://dragcave.net/view/bfa

    Ghost bred with this http://dragcave.net/view/2iCxF

    The Dragoness bred with this http://dragcave.net/actions/xwnDl

    Shadowgirl123 bred with a Diamondwing or Caligene

    moon89 bred with a Chrono, Gaia or Pyro Xenowyrm

    Drakes I still need/want
    2gen PB Holidays
    CB Neglecteds
    CB Red Dorsal
    CB Tan Ridgewing
    CB Almandine female or egg (with enough time to influence)
    Paper (freezing)
    Cheese (freezing)
    Chicken (freezing)
    2gen from spiriters alts
    2gen prize

    Medium Priority
    Need Magi's from Spiriter Alt lineages