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11808269.png11808270.png11808271.png11808272.png11808273.pngmyscroll Vampire Army Count: 252!! Always looking for more vampire eggs/hatchies, will breed almost anything for them on my scroll! feel free to pm me an offer

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    New Zealand
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    Wish List:
    4th-10th gen PB Tri horn Wyverns (for my lineage project)

    Vampire hatchies/eggs for my growing army (goal is to get 1000 )

    every dino that i don't got and more papers.

    Willing to breed anything on my scroll for these so don't be afraid to pm me :3

    IOU's owed to me;
    3rd gen prize x3 from 4mymirage for 3 2016 hween hatchies - 1 to go

    IOU's i owe;
    None :)