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  1. Soldier had recently arrived, with a confused look. He made an annoyed sound, and decided to check his surroundings for any of the Blu team. Thinking of it as another map, the soldier explored. But what was this objective? There was no cart nor control points. No briefcases either. He wondered around, and then got the feeling that he wasn't in badwater anymore. Soldier walked into a woods, looking for some explanation of this random mystery.
  2. Forum Name:BoomSALMON Character Name:Brutus McArthur Age: 17 Gender:Male Human Appearance:Brutus is 6'3 with hazel eyes and a buzzcut. He is muscular and has scars from fights he's been in. He has brown hair and a stocky figure. If all he looks fit, and normally he has that calm, yet unsettling gaze. Stone Colors: The stone itself is the color of blood, which fits Brutus well. The two outer colors are black and blue, which to his surprise, fit him just well. Necklace Material: Animal sinew Dragon they have turned into:Black Dragon Dragon Appearance:His dragon appearance greatly resembles his human one. Personality:Brutus has a love for getting into fights. He can be nice sometimes, but only if he likes you. Get on your bad side, he'll want to beat you up and down again and again. Due to his nature of normally winning fights, Brutus can get cocky and arrogant, but this only happens if he thinks your a puny pipsqueak. Special Abilities:He is extremely effective in combat, and he is very big and strong. He isn't the fastest, but if he catches you, he'll pound you to the pulp. What they eat: Large Mammals and rarely fruits and veggies. Other:Nothing much to say
  3. Name: Soldier (from Team Fortress 2) Age: I think around 30? Gender: Male Personality: Honor and fighting is the soldier's most favored things, and he liked to act like a drill sergeant at times. History: (From the official Wiki) Though he wanted desperately to fight in World War 2, the Soldier was rejected by every branch of the military. Undaunted, he bought his own ticket to Europe. After arriving and finally locating Poland, the Soldier taught himself how to load and fire a variety of weapons before embarking on a Nazi killing spree for which he was awarded several medals that he designed and made himself. His rampage ended immediately upon hearing about the end of the war in 1949. Power(s): Soldier is very tough and well armed, and is pretty strong. He is good with weaponry, and is capable of "rocket jumping". Weapon(s): A rocket launcher, shotgun, and folding shovel. From: Team Fortress 2 Appearance: Appearance Other: Hope he's good enough.
  4. (How did my characters die?)
  5. How about a welcome back boom roleplay. Oh, and I wanna be a part of this 1x?
  6. Welp, guess who's back
  7. Anne limped out the window, heading towards the concealed river. She opened the shrubbery and beckoned Raven to get in. Brutus stabbed some wolves, and saw their new pack leader. He grinned, and seized the one.
  8. "Fight or Flight?" Anne asked quickly noticing the battle going on outside. Brutus walked out the door, and joined the fight against the green wolves. Yep. Average day in the wild.
  9. Brutus stuck his fist out, waiting anxiously for her to pound snout first into it. The foxes were all dead though. Outside, was a battle. Green wolves of the mountain vs Brutus's albino fox troop. The foxes slowly were winning, but the battle could give an escape.
  10. Fang had a cut on his legs. Fang just swung again, noticing Zaria's cry for help. "You had to call for help." he said smiling. Fang wanted badly to end this career, but didn't really want to. He decided to just injure her to show the careers he wasn't one to be messed with.
  11. Fang's combat instincts came in. He blocked it and said "Nah." and then with his free hand he swung at the career's side. In the midst of the chaos, the District 3 Male got away. How long Lily had been freezing. She needed to get somewhere warm or die. She climbed from her tree looking for something warm.
  12. A thump awoke Fang. He and his district partner woke up with a start. "Stay here." he said. Fang grabbed his sickle and saw the District 3 Male on the ground, and a career. "Well, no one to back you now is there career?" he sneered. The D3 Male started to crawl away and Fang kicked him.
  13. Brutus tried to stab Raven's exposed belly when an arrow was shot into his shin. Anne had picked up her bow and started to fire them at the oncoming fox troop. This man was relentless. Though it was no different than fighting wild animals.
  14. Brutus swung and Anne blocked it with her dagger. She nimbly cut his forearm and Brutus swung again and Anne nimbly jumped backwards and stabbed his shoulder. But then Brutus smacked her across the room with his hand and then stabbed her in the leg. Anne screamed as Brutus twisted his blade. Anne stabbed his fingers making him let go as she struggled to get up. The cougar effectively ripped one of the foxes to shreds with his claws.
  15. Anne gasped. "A hybrid?" she said looking at her human form. "Why would they want..." the windows busted. 3 albino foxes had jumped through the window. The cougar ran in carrying a dead one in his mouth. 3 vs 3. Anne shot an arrow into ones mouth when the door busted open. Ducking over was Brutus. "Puny human, this is what you get for hunting MY foxes. And if it isn't our favorite little hybrid." Brutus said grinning. Anne shot another wolf and drew her dagger. She was going to fight Brutus up close and personal.
  16. "Oh he's friendly, you just need time to know him." Anne replied. She ordered him to wait outside and he groaned and complied. "Well the forest isn't no place for magical wolves. There are more predators than you can imagine. But I haven't seen a human in years.... not ever since Kenny went off possessed by that cursed wisp." she told the wolf. It had been years since she could talk to someone.
  17. Anne heard the wolf talk. "Now now my cougar, she is not going to harm us..." she said as her cougar backed up. "Your unlike the common wolf here.... your wounds heal very quickly... you can talk too. And you have wings." Anne remarked. "What is your business in the woods?" she asked.
  18. Anne heard a voice in her head. "Maybe it's my conscious." she muttered. She pulled the arrow out of the dead guy and put it in her quiver then pulled the dagger out of the wolf. She carried the wolf out of sight, and watched as her cougar followed. Eventually she had made it back to camp and had set the wolf on her bed. Her camp was a simple wood block with a bed of pine needles and deer fur for blankets. She looked through her supplies looking for herbal medicines.
  19. (Nope, he doesn't control the D3 Male until he posts the char sheet)
  20. "I think I deserve this wolf for my next meal." Anne said. But this wolf was different then the common volcano dwelling green wolves. More different than the average wolves in the forest. This wolf must have been something... more. She pretended to walk away, then turned quickly and fired an arrow at the man aimed for his neck.
  21. Anne drew her dagger to go finish off the injured wolf. Unless this thing had a reason to not be killed, it was just going to be her next meal. She saw some guy who had a gun and wondered if he would shoot at her.
  22. A gun shot made Anne jump. She saw a wolf and a someone who looked like they rose from the dead. She saw a dead man and she knew this wolf was hostile. She fired an arrow at the escaping wolf.
  23. Anne had been hunting a rabbit all day. She saw the beady black eyes of it inside a bush. She notched in an arrow in her bow and let go. It hit the rabbit and Anne rushed over. Her tame cougar growled, and Anne looked around. A green wolf. One of the ones native to the large volcano. She had investigated the place and it had a sheet metal shack with a barb fence poorly around it. There was a cave and a ton of wolf bones. These green wolves ruled it, and whatever human thing lived up there was long gone. What were they doing down here? She shot at the wolf but it was gone. Shocked, she took her rabbit and continued walking.
  24. (Time to save this) The D3 Male had his spear and had grabbed a sleeping bag, and had stabbed the D4 Male when he was caught. The D4 Male screamed aloud at his fellow careers as the D3 Male started to run.