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  1. That's too cool, congrats! No win cookies again this month, but now that I know that the number of raffle prizes is based on the number of entries I always feel good about contributing. 😛
  2. I Want to Participate! CB Prize(s): Snape - CB male Gold Tinsel Ilvermorny - Raffle female Bronze Tinsel Notes:
  3. These are the combos I've tried with Snape so far. I like a little contrast, especially deeper/richer blues and greens - I think Deep Sea might be my favorite so far.
  4. Big thanks to @Terces. There are tons of gorgeous Moonstone checkers in the AP right now. Snagged a 4th gen Val'09 checker a 5th gen Sweetling checker and a 3rd gen Mistletoe checker! 💖
  5. Any incubated eggs hatched immediately at 4 days are maturing now(ish)! Very curious what @Skelokey/the group will decide on for the lineage.
  6. I think we need to have at least one checker option for males and one for females, otherwise a lot of eggs get cut out of the lineage. There's always the option to also do a PB line. As for breeds, here are more mock-ups! Obviously the Omens would be tough, since they're holidays, but they sure do look good. Omen, Trihorn, Pyralspite, and Azure Glacewing
  7. Love the Omen and Gold pairings! I'm leaning toward a male Black Truffle x female Trihorn checker, but I'm still not totally sold on any of the pairings with similar coloring except the Omen. Definitely curious to see more pairings with a sharp color contrast. EDIT: Oh my, I really like male Black Truffle x female Floret, too
  8. Welp, after *37* attempts, Snape finally produced a Tinsel from Seragamma. See if I ever try to get a shiny from a very common mate again... Hopefully sticking to rare and holiday mates for a little while will beef his stats back up 😆 Total Attempts: 156 Tinsels: 37 Tinsel-kin: 70 Holiday: 26 (10 clutches) No egg: 38 Refusals: 1 Also, a quick question for the thread. Does breeding two Prize dragons still produce only one of the two 'colors' as offspring? I remember it used to be that whichever type of egg you got the first time you bred, for example, a Gold Tinsel with a Silver Tinsel, that was the type of egg you would always get (although I don't think Tinsel/Shimmer pairings ever had that problem, but I may be wrong on that one).
  9. Welp, I've been lowkey following the thread ever since the monthly raffle started. It's been great to see prizes going out again, and I think the once a month drawing is a big improvement over the yearly contests. To my surprise, Snape has a new friend from the June raffle. Ilvermorny precog'd female, so I hope to do a 2nd gen PB Tinsel raffle sometime in August/September (or a couple of separate 2nd gen raffles if they refuse each other 😛). I remember @Nine ran several raffles in the Games forum, and it seemed to go pretty well. I'd be curious to hear any thoughts or advice since I've only given away eggs directly through PM or by sending them to the AP. @Natayah I'd also love to know the distribution of genders/breeds among the active prizes. There definitely used to be more active female gold Tinsels than male, but I think things have evened out a lot since the monthly raffle started.
  10. Glad to hear the project will probably have options other than a purebred line. Due to egg limits, I only have one little Gustitch egg, precog'd female.💖
  11. Thanks for the quick fix. My one gusty egg changed to a musky egg, as expected. I'm sure there'll be different opinions about what should've been done with the unintended eggs that were already picked up, but the gusty breed deserves a release with full attention to all the details. Hopefully we'll see it soon in all it's glory!
  12. I've had pretty decent luck with Snape over the last three years despite over 40(!) tries with Anagallis and Seragamma without a shiny (I don't think their ratios have improved very much over the last few months): These are Snape's progeny (full history here). Tinsels: 35 Tinsel-kin: 68 Holiday: 26 (10 clutches) No egg: 38 Refusals: 1
  13. I don't think it's just that one. I was in the middle of collecting a flower (Kittytongue) when the cave went down, and I can't collect mine either. I'm sure TJ & Co. are still working to get the last of those Misfit Pygmies out of the DC servers.
  14. 4th gen White Dorkface egg from perfect checker with Golds (Claim my eggs/hatchlings!) 5th gen White Dorkface egg from perfect checker with Golds (Claim my eggs/hatchlings!)
  15. What about Snape? He's still as active as ever! There was a lull where I was trying to breed a 2nd gen from Seragamma for myself (as a mate for another Seragamma Tinsel-kin I had gotten in a trade), but I've... decided to take a break from that. Glad to see some other active male Gold Tinsel owners are out there!
  16. 5th gen White Dorkface from perfect checker with Golds (Lineage) Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. I've had decent luck with all the commons where I've been breeding for an IOU, but then there's this combo that I started trying to breed for myself after I picked up 2nd gen Tinsel-kin from Seragamma. I think Snape is just trolling me, at this point.
  18. Hopefully not. The new one is significantly less functional, and it looks terrible. I don't see this in the 11th birthday changes. Has it been mentioned anywhere else? Just for an example, with the new setup the same information is redundantly displayed TWENTY TWO TIMES on this progeny page... EDIT: Apologies, one of those actually has a different mate, which you can't easily see anymore after this change. With the old system, it was completely obvious at a glance.
  19. The progeny view is really strange right now. All of a dragon's children from one mate are separated out into individual entries. Is this a recent change? Can I change it back to the view that's actually organized by mate?
  20. First of all, if any of you Gold Tinsel winners are influencing/gendering your prizes male, I love you forever! Also, I agree with this. I've never really understood why some people felt that their prizes were less special once more of them were given out (how are you ever going to build lineages, especially checkers, if there are no new prizes!? the more the merrier, I think). Hopefully the fact that the codes will still be unique to the old raffles is a good balance for them, too, and everyone will be happy-ish with the new system.
  21. Are the characters that can be used in group names limited now compared to what was allowed just after the announcement? If so, I'll never change the fabulous name of my Harry Potter code group!
  22. Big thanks to TJ et al., there's sooooooooo much great stuff in the update! The return of prizes especially!!! Can't wait for there to be more male Gold Tinsels! Just curious (and this isn't even a criticism, it looks like tons of hard work went into the update), is there a thread similar to the grammar patrol thread for super minor things that obviously aren't working quite the way they should? For example, the last dragon on a group page only shows 5 groups in its group pulldown menu (and the second to last shows 8, and the third to last 12-13, etc) because the menu is getting clipped by the bottom of the page/footer.
  23. Last but not least: Even gen 'mirror' (Like so): Silver Tinsel from Rainbow Coppers and a Green Copper 'arrowhead' from Gold Tinsels (Lineage) I was hoping for more clean lineaged prizes, but the dragons didn't cooperate. On a related note, there will be lots of 3rd-5th gen stair prize-kin showing up in the AP in a couple of days...
  24. EDIT: The Snape-kin are being ornery as usual, so I'm including some others. I only have one egg space at the moment, so I'll be adding more Snape-kin eggs to this post as previous ones get taken (if the dragons cooperate, that is!): 3rd gen stairs: 3rd gen Gold Tinsel from Mistletoes 3rd gen checkers (no inbreeding): 3rd gen Gold Tinsel from Arsanis 4th gen Tinsel-kin: Green Copper Tinsel-kin 4th gen Prizes: Gold Tinsel from Green Copper stair 4th gen Silver Tinsel x Blusang stair