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  1. My first rare was a CB magma, Vogelsberg... he was my 11th dragon. I had no idea he was rare until I checked the wiki
  2. Well, I'm having the exact same problem as everyone else, it seems. I hope it won't be too hard to fix...
  3. Finally got my two! Clicked like mad during the last drop, and I got two, which is the number of eggs I wanted. I would have gifted extras if there was any. Maybe i'll try other drops and gift the extras from these. From now on, back to my art project.
  4. I got one out of pure luck but...Oh, so I'm guess I'm indeed too late for a pair =/ Ah, well, I'll focus on getting back to health, good job to those who where faster and more lucky than I was!
  5. Ooooh... I missed everything... I've been sick as hell these two last weeks and it's not going to get better anytime soon... Stupid body letting me down T_T Ah... Is it still worth trying to get them, or should I just go back to bed and try to sleep...?
  6. Lyxii=> I see what these people do too. "Hey, I'm a genius! I'm gonna make him/her feel guilty for not giving me a gift back!" Yeaaaaaah I think that kind of sums up the objectives of some of these.
  7. I think I can guess why the sudden increase in such behaviours... I'm pretty sure people are harassing the Raffle Winners to get their hands on a Shimmer Scale... Pretty sad to hear about it.
  8. Almost 19. And I'm having a lot of fun on Dragoncave!
  9. Aww that's a sweet event! I love the option to send flowers to a random stranger. If only I wasn't forced to have a day full of exams preventing me from doing the event today... Haha, Valentine's Day is so one of those "completely forgotten special days" here in France. I wonder how many people from my class will notice that today is Valentine's day... Also those eggs. They remind me of some candy I used to love a few years ago. I want to eat them Well, until I saw TJ's dragon's codes actually. Flower and Bouquet? I'd say floral-themed dragon, even though "Bouquet" makes me somehow think about brides...
  10. Hehe, I love to look at my dragon's offsprings names. I find hilarious stuff sometimes, people have a crazy good imagination! But I do have my fun times of naming as well. Watch out, it's on fire!
  11. Male dragons! Happy to be able to continue the naughty lineage, PointOfOrigin?
  12. Those eggs were surprisingly easy to get .___. I still can't believe that I got the first ones on which I clicked, and there was literally NOBODY in the volcano. I have some ideas for their theme, but I don't know how to express them in english, so I'll have to keep them for myself for now
  13. I like all of them. But I am very happy since I got my top favourite on my own Snow Angels: Tri-coloured! *hugs them both*
  14. Only 20 minutes 'till Christmas for me Merry Christmas to everyone who lives in other time zones and already had their Christmas moment, and also merry Christmas to everyone who is still waiting for the 25th! *clumsy english go!*
  15. Piston Smashed~> I don't think they are... Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that dragons in the wilderness have a "Wilderness" link instead of a scroll link, and since your egg's parents don't appear to have anything, I think the parent's owner just has a fogged scroll. EDIT: 'd arya10~> Thanks... I don't have many family members, so I think I was just shocked to see the table this empty. I'll probably be used to the idea in a few hours EDIT: PointOfOrigin: Thanks *hugs back*
  16. I can't wait to see what will the new dragons look like, holiday and prize ones alike! And I'm pretty happy with my Snow Angels, I got the tri-colored variation! I like all of them, but this one is my top favourite *Sad alert* I was heading for the dinner with my family two rooms away from mine, and then I realised that it was my first Christmas without any of my granparents... Three of them passed away this year a few months after Christmas, between February and July, and the last one was not here anymore when I was 5... I'm not hungry anymore *End of sad alert* On another note, I wasn't aware that the eggs in the wilderness could hatch from clicks! Do they die otherwise?...
  17. Damn, my computer is flooded in updates and so slow I can't even open firefox. Trying to fetch a holly with my 3DS is NOT going to make me succeed... I should just give up.
  18. Hailwidis~> Same here. Let's not lose hope! I have the same bug as mentionned above with my Winter Magis. They grew up this morning and they CAN breed! I don't get it, the other holiday dragon species are locked alright, but the winter magis can breed ._. I'd love to breed my Winter Magis because their eggs might make someone very happy, but if this is a bug, then I'm not sure that I want to exploit it... What should I do? Shouldn't this bug be reported...?
  19. There's a wall of Yule eggs on the AP, and I still didn't see a Holly today... Wait. It's 0:26 already? New day, yay!
  20. Congrats to all you people who got a holly! And good luck to those still trying! I'm still attempting to SEE one today myself
  21. Oh, I'm gonna check that! EDIT: You are right, there is one!