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    will once i get home and am not being watched love drag cave
  2. wow first easter and i didn't think there was an event im so excited thanks tj hey by the way does anyone know why there aren't easter eggs like dragon eggs
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    thinking about starting a dragon cave fundraiser in my town. If im right they would probably think its to help build a cave for underpriviledged dragons. Welcome to Alabama
  4. ok then well if i won which i doubt good for whoever would get it instead
  5. well good point what about a pm?
  6. we need a pm or a list i doubt i won but my account has been hacked before my email and i cant find anything at all i get like 20 emails a min and most goes to spam please give us a list or a pm
  7. i dont know either im wondering i am missing the story
  8. sadly im not done with the recipes and i to have made the mistake of not abandoning before and getting the overburdoned page... i nearly cried but im being patient i hope i get my first holly but i have two slots open so maybe
  9. how could it be that easy i caught them in seconds
  10. ya it was kinda effective it was cool but not in this computer the one with it broke so not yet a few days
  11. have any of you found gravitite ore?
  12. I want to be a gifter! Forum ID: um me Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/egould44
  13. um im not sure if i can as i am not yet a bronze i have someone giving me two i am holding on to one for somebody and i ow a hatchling to another so i wouldnt have been anle to help out but i just realised i am very likely to become a bronze right before halloween there for i will probably be able to help out but i will need the people to have a magi and set upa dummy trade i am excpecting to be able to give out about 2 maybe three i hope i can help
  14. i just realised that by the time that the 2012 comes i will be a bronze and now will have enogh room after my debt and holding one and my pair i might be able to help out with gifting
  15. thank god i was worried that because of the amount of halloween s i have now i wouldnt be able to get any of the new ones now these can grow up and i will have room for more
  16. As robin was walking around dthe city he was asking everyone in site " where are his teammates" none had heard of them. ( someone tell me where they are where is spidey )
  17. ( well since noone is in a good place ill wait till tommorow )
  18. ( where is eberybody anyone in the mansion? )
  19. Finally robin made it back to the mansion now to ask if they had heard of his teammates
  20. i guess ill just find batman and ask him if he has heard of my teammates raven maybe or an enemy possible terra? ( are they still playing )
  21. fine i guess ill look for members of my team surely some of them are here as i am
  22. ( dude this is awesome and have you seen robin he could easily keep up)