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  1. You told Thomas to go eat dead dolphins every eleventh decade. wmghts
  2. Ukuleles ignore real elephants making umbrellas orange in rigged eggplants. lkvtekm
  3. [(( Can Frozen Comet come in to the Shakin mob? ))] Frozen Comet jumped as she heard a bark and howl from a Shakin. Frozen Comet was very scared and her heart was pumping very fast. She always heard Shakin bark but not this close. Frozen Comet then heard cries of other dragon too. "Other dragons?" thought Frozen Comet,"I did not know there were some here."
  4. False TPBM has eaten buckwheat pancakes
  5. Frozen Comet went farther into the forest. Frozen Comet ate plants and animals but she had to be careful to wait until later until daytime to eat them or all the goo from the plant will end up in her mouth. Frozen Comet went to her favorite part of this forest were most of the flowers were. She spotted one of her favorite flower. It was a huge flower with round white petals that get darker to dark blue as it goes to the middle. Since the flower was about as big as Frozen Comet , she ate it's thin delicate petals by parts. Then she heard a rustle and quickly her fighting instincts came. Frozen Comet quickly spotted what was. Though she did not know what it was called, she recognized it. Frozen Comet could see it wide, round, green, blood shot eyes of a wrinkly creature with no eye lids. It had no fur too. The creature stared hungrily at Frozen Comet with drool coming out of its bloody mouth showing that it had eaten something. The creature lunged at Frozen Comet but Frozen Comet was expecting this and quickly moved out of the way fanning out her wings so the creature would hit it. What Frozen Comet did not expect though was the creature clinging on to her wing with it's claws. Frozen Comet shook her wing furiously then took off into the air. The creature fell of and Frozen Comet dived on top of it. Knowing that it was edible and actually tasted quite good, Frozen Comet ate it.
  6. Frozen Comet spotted the river. She tucked in her wings and dived to the river bed. Quickly she washed out all the goo and took a gulp of water. Then something slithered onto Frozen Comet's moth nearing on to her face. Frozen Comet jumped for it scared her but the animal did not seem to notice. It looked like a snake but it a a fin on it's back and it was crimson red. Frozen Comet recognized what it was but did not remember the name. Eyeing it, Frozen Comet stuck out her tongue and used it to drag it to her mouth because she remembered that it was edible. Frozen Comet thought it was delicious and a great snack put she was still hungry and she needed something bigger. Knowing that mostly small things live in this river she turned around.
  7. Frozen Comet realized that she was very hungry. Without thinking she snatched a flower with blue rectangular petals and instantly spat it. "What on earth was I thinking?" thought Frozen Comet. All of the goo that the plants use for heat was stuck in her mouth. Frozen Comet kept on spiting it out. Realizing that she should rinse her mouth with water, Frozen Comet flew into the sky trying to locate the river that was near by.
  8. Frozen Comet woke up withthe sun's rays shining on her. In her cave there is a small hole on the ceiling to let in the moons' rays. This is were Frozen Comet sleeps. She stretched her body and slowly made her way out of the cave to the inviting sun. Frozen Comet looked back at her cave. I was surrounded by beautiful plants and was somewhat hidden by them.
  9. I was a newbie and during Halloween i wanted a Zombie dragon so I got common eggs and started killing the EGGS because I did not know that you had to kill the hatch lings. (I was egg blocked and I did not get a Halloween dragon.
  10. False. TPBM had read the Inheritance cycle or is reading it. (Eargon, Eldest, ect.)
  11. Eragon and his friends traverse almoust four hundred miles in eight days .- Eldest