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  1. So true... TPBM Likes strawberry icecream
  2. tudnfkd Three ultra dashing nice ferrets kicked Dave. fynsrdc
  3. (not counting holidays). CB gold not too long ago.
  4. When I was a newbie I swear I've seen a couple rares passing then off for regular dragons. Totally unrealated ................ I saw a ice dragon and a clicked it so many times I crash my computer so I didn't get the CB ice dragon. X_X
  5. Big, icky, annoying, sick animals get decent kayaks again. tjborbu
  6. As in hot dog? Well yum for hot dog but defiantly YUCK for dog White turtle icecream?
  7. Seeking RPs Username: waterdragon123 Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): not a lot of player but active players; long posts Preferred Genre: dragon-related, fantasy, action Other: PM me if you have a RP for me.
  8. Never vacuum carrots sitting on dashing horses. jek8io
  9. Never vacuum carrots sitting on dashing horses.
  10. Frozen Comet had a tail full of moonlight energy. She approached the dragons with caution. Frozen Comet really wanted to share her energy with the red-shimmer scale even though she did not know i she was friend or foe. "We'll she was fighting that Shakins witch I think were out greatest threat so I think we're okay," thought Frozen Comet. Frozen Comet then suddenly flinched as she felt a wind behind her and saw a flash of silver. Frozen Comet knew I meant something so while eyeing that spot she approached the ruby-shimmer scale. She really hoped that the brown Sweetling would not mind or at least not attack her. Frozen Comet knew that she could not just share her energy with a random stranger after appearing out of the blue without arising suspicion. She really wanted to share her energy with fellow dragons.
  11. false TPBM has cake somewhere in the house
  12. Frozen Comet thought for a while. Shakins were very dangerous. "But these are dragon we're talking about,"thought Frozen Comet. Frozen Comet was anxious to go see a dragon other than herself. "I have to help them," though Frozen Comet. Frozen Comet started charging up the moon energy with the orb on her tail and flew to where she heard all the commotion.
  13. nsfdwynf Never slay foxes doing what yogurt never fakes. ghtbuyhr
  14. bdisuzpva Beautiful daring iguanas swim, unbelievably zipping penguins very absent-mindly adsf argr
  15. yrfdsw4eb hnv You really flew down spiraling where 4 elephants break-dancing had nasty viruses? jadhfar