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  1. Sadly no... TPBM has boots somewhere in the house.
  2. She broke killed grew flew umbrellas. yulfhh
  3. Yeah I had some fore breakfast today too! TPBM has been to the doctors office for a check up not to long ago.
  4. I guess so I kind of depends what it has in it. Tomatoes.
  5. I. LOVE. TEA!!!! ( for unknown reasons) Coffee?
  6. Friendly, nice, kind, surprising dangerous dogs saw fruit. gtbyh
  7. I guess so...? TPBM has seen the person above them in a different thread.
  8. Jack, you freed dangerous, vicious gorillas!? Dgbkms
  9. Yum! All kinds too. Coffee ice cream.
  10. Somewhere TPBM Has something sweet in the house.
  11. Try to race dashing dogs. dyrjdt
  12. Nope, two hours ahead of you. TPBM owns a CB gold dragon
  13. Yes obviously! Mint icecream?
  14. Very good, delicious sticky jelly smells. wyatp
  15. Yes and no it really depends on the quality... Pineapple juice
  16. Yrsuytf Your really silly ukulele yelled to Frank. gkfydkh
  17. Of course I know. Its Kaito! TPBM likes to bead.
  18. They are more like fluffy biscuits. Anyway... yum depending on the flavor Lima beans?