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    Frozen Comet saw a long line of flame shoot toward the creature killing it and she froze in shock with only her wings moving. She then went toward the creature because there was no possible way for it to have survived. With closer look there was no creature to eat. The fire had burned it to crisp with no traces but the fire.


    Frozen Comet sighed."So much for an easy prey to catch,"she mumbled out loud. Then heard dragons from the direction the fire came from. It seemed to be an apology. Frozen Comet didn't eavesdrop and went to shelter because the temperature was getting below freezing now.

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    Frozen Comet realized that the noise and rustling was getting farther and farther away and quite faster than she thought the beast could go and, not to mention her wings were getting tired and it was getting really cold.


    Frozen Comet was getting very confused the noise and rustling seem to appear in different areas.


    "This monster must be faster that I thought", thought the moonstone." it's near sunset and I hope the moon comes out fast so I can absorb its energy."


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    Frozen Comet was about to shoot a look at ht silver- scale but then thought twice about it. She then quickly flew to the beast.


    She could she the leaves and branches twitching and rustling from the the beast moving. The beast was very easy to find, slow and not to mention loud.


    This beast must be quite dumb making a ruckus like that and not think about all on the animals that will eat it , thought the moonstone, quite an easy prey to catch.

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    Frozen Comet knew that they that the silver scale would figure out.


    She was always so curious and nothing could spark her curiosity more than other dragons in this strange world , and she has never seen a dragon look like that silver scale before. She was not an alternate color, she was a entirely different breed than she has ever seen before.


    Frozen Comet flew away from the dragons but not entirely because she was being annoying and the silver scaled, who she thought would be very mad and quite scary if she stayed, said so. In fact, she manly went away because she smelled some weak, big and juicy prey she could eat. Even though she was not hungry, no one could pass up a chance for that much food.

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    Frozen Comet watched the silver scaled dragon hunt with the two-heads. The moonstone for once, was actually full so she did not need to hunt at the very moment. Frozen Comet was pondering whether or not she should reveal her self to the dragons. Knew now that there were other dragons and she was glad that she was not alone. She has seen a couple dragons like a red shimmer scale and a brown sweetling but she watched these to specific dragons because she just felt something with them. She has seen then do many things in and out side of battle and they could need some help healing because the still had some wounds and she could heal with her moon absorbed energy. The silver scaled seemed very strong too. Frozen Comet wondered if the dragons have heard or seen her. She was not fast but she could not be any quieter crossing the chance of them hearing her off the list.