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  1. Seriously, eating pig jaws? Gross, Zachary! ilpsdcwe
  2. False My favorite color is purple. TPBM missed the Halloween release (like me)
  3. Uh yeah i guess... TPBM keeps on typing TPMB instead of TPBM.
  4. Yum! (Just didn't recognize the name. I call it something else) Blueberries?
  5. If Kayla wants no option, never accuse Ella for. I just need and "it" at the end and it might make sense. cpiebtat
  6. Autocorrect can;t be diabked. The next person type: The trapper values perseverance and strength
  7. Susie, Nancy wants kale for broccoli worms. kgvftabgt
  8. Did Jamie want Kayla's funny boyfriend and koala? Uh... ocjwklafb
  9. FOR NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did do the extra i's though. The next person type: Back to active transfers.
  10. So did juggling Nancy go right between Nadia? wsdefgu
  11. Senor Taconelly must fly, my planet needs me! Next person type: In order for other people to claim the dragons contained in this transfer, have them visit the below link.
  12. Waterdragon's Scroll How can others help? Donate! I really running low on female moonstones. Any BSA dragon (purple, red and pink) will be happily accepted! Are I willing to help others with their projects and how? If they need any caveborn or low-gen dragons, I'll breed/search for them. PM me for requests! Full Moon Moonstone dragons only Even-gen Purebred Notes about my projects: Oo Midnight Moon oO + Soundless Space = Moonlight Comet♥ Dotted Sky + M00nSt0ne Crystal =Super N0VA Blacked Navy Sky = White Navy Sky = Gray Navy Sky Shinning Speckled Night Sky + Sonic Skys = Sonic Night Sky♥ Night Blue Wings + Day Blue Wings = Noon Blue Wings♥ Night Orb Dragon + Day Orb Dragon = Noon Orb Dragon♥ Jet Black Hidden Sky + Starch White Hidden Sky = Gray Hidden Sky Dark Glowing Stream + Light Dreary Stream= Grey Moving River Windy Knights+Lonley Moon's Call = Moonstone Sky Lights + Moon-Blast+ __ Icy Snow Star + Cold Snow Moon = Snowy Ice Gleam?? Gleaming Starry Blast+ O Pearlescence O = Gleaming Essence Males with no females Ski Wings+_____ oO Moonlight Feathers Oo +_____ Soaring Wings + _____ Wind Moon Wing + _____ Iridescent Wing + __________ Moonstone Sky Lights + ______ Second Generation Breeding Noon Blue Wings + Noon Orb Dragon = Night Blue Orb Dragon Gray Hidden Sky + Grey Morning River= Grey Sky River _?_ + Gray Navy Sky= _?_ + Super N0va= Sonic Night Sky+ Moonlight Comet = Soaring Sonic Comet Scorched HellEmber CB Male Hellfires and Bred Female Ember dragons "Scorched" in every name Staircase Notes about my projects Scorched Flames x Scorched Willows = Scorched ?? (Ember Drag) Scorched ??(Ember drag) x Scorched Ember Freezing Flames CB Female Hellfires and Bred Male Grays "Freezing" or "Frozen" in every name. Notes about project: Frozen Loney Ice + Freezing Burned Ice = _______________ ______________+ Frozen Heat =_________ Windy Seas Deep Sea dragons and Skywing dragons Spiral linage Notes about my project: Swift skys +CB Shimmering Sea = Linaged Deep Sea Swift Shimmering Gail + Eucine = Female skywing Linage Pattern CB male sky wing + female deep sea = female skywing CB male deep sea + female skywing = female deep sea CB male sky wing + female deep sea = female skywing Pillow Fluff Pillow dragons and pink dragon Spiral linage Fluff in name Notes about Project: Fluffy Duffy Pinky + Fuffy Duffy Pilllow Fire = Orange Fluff Puff Orange Fluff Puff + Jluto Pink = Male Pink Linage Pattern pink male + CB pillow female = pillow male pillow male + CB pink female = pink male pink male + CB pillow female = pillow male pillow male + CB pink female = pink male
  13. Crazy gaudy yellow dogs raced swiftly, hurriedly, yet giraffes flung them hardly between. apsfhun