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  1. Oranges jumped ironically ruining gargoyles, flying kindly, louldly past elderly women. Atspwttca
  2. Vat are siper awsome witch means thay are the best abunal eber1 Bor saying I hate dogs ot abything but vats are anaxung and grear and freaking awsome. The next person type: What I just typed was very long and hard but not that hard.
  3. I like to write with pens but pencils have a lot of advantages. I have some erasable pens but pens still aren't that good. You can't shade or get a different point and they sometimes don't work. But I really don't like mecanical pencils.
  4. I'm forced to write with pencils but I don't like it. I like writing with pen especially the ink ones even though they smear.