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  1. You bet. u.u TPBM Has candy somewhere in the house
  2. Well i wouldn't say hate but I do not like it. TPBM has a slow computer right now and wants to smack it.
  3. You bet TPBM took the 'oath on dragon cave... ... . . ..
  4. Nope... TPBM is int the mood for fruity candy.
  5. It makes me really want brownies. Maybe... *stomach growls*
  6. False TPBM has at least two season dragons
  7. Actually people in Slytherin are very nice people just mistake them to be like Malfoy.
  8. They affected to ignore her as of an inferior social status to themselves, and she despised their light talk.-Peter Pan ( I didn't even know I had this book until now)
  9. Harry who happened to be at the room at the time, froze as he heard Ron's voice answer "HELLO?HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME? I- WANT- TO -TALK-TO HARRY-POTTER!"
  10. I played Pottermore and I got sorted to Ravenclaw so basically if Hogwarts was real I would be in there because that was made from J.K Rowling herself.
  11. Find a random book that nearest to you, (any kind even a textbook or even a dictionary) flip to the 4 page and read the first sentence. But don't count the acknowledgments and the things before the story. I'll go first. All those words, Henry saw a strange vision forming in the wind -blown of wheat.