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  1. The important thing for you to notice that as the time interval gets smaller and smaller, the number of degrees per second doesn't change as much. -Calculus: Concepts and Applications
  2. So what is juggling then? Master Juggling by Henrik Lind
  3. Happy rabbits talk about bald lucky dogs politely well. bndfhbigu
  4. False. My brothers do though. TPBM does not like caramel.
  5. I making grape icicles. You like my soup. These keep on getting worse... aysicbydt
  6. Just keep great revenge Eddie. Victory might revoke for xylophones break. That makes no sense. There should be a rule against 'X's'. anhfjn
  7. Great, our yodeling team didn't attend Grand Holiday Festival and didn't tootle. tangfuwn
  8. Yum, I love all meat! Pecan Pie?
  9. There's a period at the end of this sentence.
  10. Freddie, your absentminded mother forgot Gary. Hope our jaguar devours Eddie. Wow not only does this make no sense it's quite sadistic. eycagtc
  11. Yuck...ish? It kind of depends on how it cooked. Smoked salmon?
  12. FALSE FALSE FALSE!! That's so gross. Ew! TPBM is allergic to peanuts
  13. True!! TPBM wakes up around 6 every day (or at least every weekday)
  14. "Ukraine is cool," insisted Anna, "Freedom hurts rival terrains!" This one was pretty hard. That's why it made no sense. haygtidso