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  1. My favorite youtube stars are: Lindsey Stirling ThePianoGuys miracleofsound PTXofficial All of the above are awesome especially if you love music. Simon's Cat is funny and cute.
  2. *runs out from behind a tree* Where is everybody? *Runs off in another direction*
  3. *Runs through a forest and hides behind a tree* I hope no one finds me here.
  4. Did someone say brownies? Runs off to look for brownies
  5. Roses have thorns violets aren't always blue but here is something sweet A gift from me to you. Happy Valentine day!
  6. TAG!!! your it! Finally I tagged someone.
  7. Still waiting to tag someone
  8. Ewww, bug infested brownies. I'll have a cupcake instead. Prowls around looking for someone to tag
  9. Eats brownies while waiting for someone to tag
  10. Great...sand ninjas. Runs around trying to find someone to tag
  11. Running on the beach with sand on my feet
  12. Stops running and jumps into a cab to the beach
  13. Runs off in another direction
  14. Runs around shouting Happy New Year everyone!
  15. *Takes a few brownies and goes to find a quiet place to sit*
  16. Sure I'd love a brownie. *Eats a brownie while looking back through the history* (From what I can tell ChocoBrownie is it)
  17. *Jumps off the horse and onto the train* Now it's time to take a nap.
  18. *Hops onto the back of a horse and chases after the train* I've always wanted to chase down a train on horseback. This is fun. Hi-yo, Silver! Away!
  19. *Sits atop the tallest tree and laughs at the chaos below*
  20. Uses Ninja skills to jump from tree to tree