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  1. My mans 😄 https://dragcave.net/view/mansw And more men https://dragcave.net/view/3GMen And a boy https://dragcave.net/view/T9boy
  2. NR Hybrid Egg! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Is anyone able to bounce two canto eggs for me? Thanks!
  4. Platinum trophy let's gooooo!! Just hit 1000 earlier this evening! 8 egg slots my beloved ❤️
  5. It just turned yellow! 😄 I'll leave it unhidden for a while since it's still warded if people are looking for encyclopedia entries?
  6. Okay that's good to know, thanks! I'll keep watching it and hopefully it'll turn soon
  7. Sapphire eggs are supposed to turn yellow at 4000 OV right? I've got one that's just over that and is still blue...just wondering if something's gone wrong?
  8. A few 2nd gen PB sapphires sent to the AP for y'all just now! Hope they find a good home! 😊 Also I was thinking, if we are going to post notices for sapphires sent to the AP, would we be able to use DC Community Notice Board? Or would it be a good idea to set up another thread?
  9. I'm gonna be trying to grab sapphires to abandon tomorrow once a couple of my egg slots free up! If a whole bunch of people are doing the same then I'm hoping to catch at least one of them! And I'm looking forward to collecting the new alts, even though there are so many it's gonna take me a while to get back to my breeding projects 🙃
  10. Hi again! Could I get some more help with bouncing eggs please? I have a lineage planned wrong and I have three more eggs that I think I influenced the wrong gender 😢 PM me if you can help? Thanks guys 😄 Edit: Forgot to cross this out, thanks for the help!
  11. Hi, I have an egg that I influenced wrong, would anyone be able to do a quick bounce for me? Really appreciated! Edit: Thanks! @random_dragon_collector 😄
  12. Yep it's definitely time for me to get a lot more purples haha
  13. Let's hope they're social distancing!
  14. I've got a few lyrics project underway! The one I'm primarily working on is "The Song of Durin" from Lord of the Rings. I'll update my progress here. I have all the CBs I need so it's just down to breeding the right babies at the right times! It'll be my first time doing a lyrical lineage so I'm pretty excited for it!
  15. Nothing for me this month, oh well! At this point I never expect to win anything, so hopefully one of these months I'll be pleasantly surprised! Anyway congrats to all the April winners :D
  16. THE AUDACITY. My lyrics project just got a lot more complicated :(
  17. While grabbing the new releases I found this boy!
  18. Shoot I'm egglocked! I'm hoping this means that the new eggs will be easier to get later on once people have grabbed a lot! 😅
  19. Have: Female CB Gold Want: Male CB Gold I know it's unlikely since golds are rare but if anyone happens to have a misgendered male hatchie OR an influenceable egg I would love to trade! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  20. Literally minutes ago in the cave! TWO Thunders? I was gonna grab one but I passed it up to take a screenshot cause I thought it was funny 😄
  21. For me recently it's been chicken nuggets dipped in applesauce 😋
  22. Thank you! I was hoping it'd be like that
  23. So for Itus/Orange Cantos does anyone know if an egg offered up for a pre-existing trade will hatch orange when it is accepted, or does just the first egg that was put up for the trade? Like if I wanted to receive a canto egg through a trade that I initiated would that count as using the BSA teleport on the received egg?
  24. One of my eggs was hidden and I forgot I had egglocked myself... I FINALLY got a gold egg from my mutamore that I've been trying to breed for ages and it auto-abandoned...SUPER BAD LUCK! Might take someone's earlier suggestion and name the parents so it might come back to me. EDIT: Someone did end up sending it back my way so thanks so much! Bad luck turned good I guess
  25. Rum? Why, thank goodness we’ve found some! A certain pirate has been drinking all our rum and keeps asking why the rum is gone. Waiter, there is corona virus in my soup.