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  1. Rone ran as fast as she could, trying to free as many of the creatures as she could. Her field was weakening and the bullets were pouring through. Now that do many members had escaped, the scientist were mainly trying to keep information from leaking out. They could armrest study the bodies and try to recreate the reactions. Rone held Nate close to get chest. She was using te last of her strength to give the remaining escapees a fighting chance. She surrounded each with a bubble. Rone bashed a hole in the wall to secure an exit. "run, and live!" the others ran without a second thought. Rone whispered to Nate "live a life worth living, find love and happiness. Live a life that I could only dream of. Please, don't just survive... Thrive." Robe surrounded Nate in a protective ball and sent it off, praying that it would find a place where he could be safe. Tone fell to the floor. She felt the warmth leaving her body, and the scientists encircled her. As robe looked at the scientists tears of triumph, fear, and sorrow came to her eyes. Rone's thoughts began to wander.' is this where it ends?..." 27 had been listening intently on the noise. What was happening, it sounded like the brothers and sisters were running away. That couldn't be though, why would they leave the family. This was life, you can't run away from life! 27 listened ad her heart sank as she heard some if the other hunters... They weren't her favorite brothers or sisters. Many of them were harsh and without concern for the well bring of their fellow siblings. 27's ears went back... Did the family forget about her? Did the brothers and sisters really just leave her behind? She never saw them but... They had to know she existed... Right? The door o her chambers unlocked. "mommy! Daddy!" 27 was surpassed until she saw the blood. She tried to jump to her parents aid but was pulled back by her chains. 27 fell to the ground. "what happened!" mother clutched her arm. "I tried to secure some of your brothers and sisters from fleeing. They didn't listen and attacked me." father looked at 27 with a cold twinkle in his eye. "I am fine, none of this blood is mine. 27, we need you to capture those that ran away." mother grabbed a key from he pocket. "bring them back as safely as you can. Make sure to talk to no one." father looked at her coldly... He never understood why mOther looked t these creatures like they were people. They were simply tools to be used. Use them as you see fit. 27 was no different, she was simply more useful. Moth then exchanged glances with father. Why couldn't he see that most f these 'creatures' were once volunteers who had lives. They were people just like them, doing what they thought was right. Mother pitied 27, and so she played along in the fantasy. 27 nodded. "I will do my best! I will make you proud." father patted 37 on the head and left. Mother dressed 27 and gave her a bag full of things that she may need. Mother lead 27 to where most of the subjects had escaped from and gave her adopted daughter a hug. "come back safely." father seemed to pop out of the shadows. "remember what we taught you" 27 saw the affection in her father's eyes and nodded. She crouched to the ground and sniffed for the scent of her siblings. The smells of the outside world were so different and distracting. She couldn't focus and simply began to walk straight. 27 didn't want mother and father to think she wasn't capable of this mission! 27 would not disappoint them!
  2. ((sigh... i love how i have been completely forgotten. leafpaw, i healed your leg in my last post. how did you guys get in a completley different place when you were both just by rone... ima get nate out then get shot. maybe when you guys finally escape i can play as 27. sound good?))
  3. Rone felt rage pulse through her body. this creature was now a monster! he didn't deserve the privilege of knowing this boy! Rone whipped her hear around at the monster. "you are worth no more than this boy, infact... you are worth far less. atleast he isn't a monster!" Rone made another sphere just for nate to protect him from the monster 'i will protect you...' Rone bare her fangs and then turned toward the exit. "you aren't worth my anger." then she continued on. the distraction gave one scientist enough time to get a sharpened metal pole into Rone's side. she lashed her tail at the scientist and continued on... starting to falter. "leafpaw, hold my nuzzle" Rone consentrated and used her energy force. "i will heal your leg now... as for what next. run... run and dont look back."
  4. () Rone looked to Nate, the boy would not be left here to suffer any longer! she grabbed him with her fore-paw and threw him over the back of her neck. "i will not leave you here to die young one" she whispered. Rone let out a fierce battle cry and lashed out at the cages that where still closed with her claws and what was left of her tail ('accidentely' missing the telekinetic bully). Rone looked at the scientists and began to move forward. she would not allow them to intimidate her. each step led rone's comrades closer to freedom. the scientists started shooting with heavy guns. the field started to falter but she would not allow it. "Astrid, come to us! Leafpaw, come to me!"
  5. Rone nodded toward the ferret. she felt herself weakening from the gas, but she would not let anyone else know of her weakness. she looked forward at the door and nuzzled nate. he was just like her as a young hatchling. she would do what she could to end all of their suffering. "dont attack until you see the whites of their eyes. this is going to be a long battle. do what you can and come to me for saftey!" the door opened and the scientists attacked "ATTACK!!!" Rone stood strong and looked for some sort of earth... there was none. Rone would have to use her life force to heal her troupes.
  6. rone boomed out" you listen!" the air was growing stale. "free as many of the cretures as you can." Roe turned to the hummer. "nate is it? it is time to make our leave. you will ride on my back where no one can harm you" Rone focused "everyone gather around me!" a green sphere wrapped around her companions. "i will protect you." Rone grew nervious "warn me before you attack!" Rone wouldn't let them know but, her force field was also her life force.
  7. rone opened her peircing green eyes and smiled. she had been watching this group for a while now. it was finally time to escape from this cursed place. rone spoke "good job young warriors." a flash of light and her cage shattered. "i have been waiting for a lively group to help out of here." she stretched her limbs, or what was left of them, and yawned. "my name is Rone, and if you don't mind... this may be the best time to escape... don't you agree?" rone sniffed the cat changling and the ferret with wings. "this will not do... you two, on my back. we are breaking out of here."
  8. ... i think the rp is dead... you should try starting again.... or we should at least start. XP
  9. User name: forgottenfire333 Name: Cartha Gender: Female Normal human/dragon or mutant: dragon Hunter?: no Description: a medium sized brown dragon with gentle green eyes. she can be feirce when need be. her back spines and claws are green as well. she has nubs where her wings should be. her elfen ears are missing and so is a part of her tail Abilities: force-fields and healing (only in grassy areas) Personality: she is a fierce fighter and a good friend. Cartha is tough and strong but she will always have a soft spot for those in pain. however, her anger can drive her to do stupid things. History: when Cartha was younger she was captured by poachers. they planned to disembody her and make a profit off of the pieces. they kept her alive to keep the parts fresh. they often didn't knock her unconscious to take the parts. they sold both her wings, the spiked part of her tail, and her ears. the poachers eventually sold a dragon to a rich family. the family was displeased with the creature they received. 'they call this pitiful creature a dragon! it doesn't even have any wings!' the rich family then volunteered Cartha to the scientists. Other: Cartha is not self conscious of her lack of limbs. she looks at them as battle scars and finds them to be great motivators against evil.
  10. (i cant really do anything until nate posts or you guys escape. do you want me to make another character to help you guys along? she can sacrafice herself to help you guys escape? i will delete this post after everyone has read it)
  11. 27 listened into the chamber next to her. one of the sisters must have been disobedient. 27 listened intently on the yowls of pain. she couldn't make out who was being punished and winced at every yelp and whimper. 27's ears went back. her brothers and sisters may be bad from time to time and they may deserve punishment but, 27 didn't like to hear them in pain. the family knew best though... the family knew best. 27 listened and heard the whimpers tone down and her ears perked up.' the family loves the sister enough to reduce her pain'. 27 smile. "she is loved." (sorry, i hate short posts but, i just wanted you guys to know i was here. )
  12. 27 closed her eyes and concentrated on the voices in the vents. the vent system was her social life. she could hear into most rooms through them. she listened into the room with her brothers and sisters. 27 wished they would realize how lucky they are. they get to socialize with each other and trade stories. the brothers and sisters shared stories of their past. they spoke on things such as sky, grass, hugs, kisses, and warm beds. 27 closed her eyes and tried to imagine these things, but alas, they were simply stories. these creatures believed what they said to be true but, could such a world really exist. 27 closed her eyes and tried to focus. she listened and heard a beautiful noise. then one of the other brothers shouted 'hey, stop humming over there'..then the wonderful noise stopped. 'hum...ming' 27 liked hum...ming. why did the other brother always have to make it stop. 27 decided to try. 'hum...hum mum. hummmm. hmmmm.' 27 realized that if she played with her voice it could make different noises. her hum could be high or low. 27 giggled to herself. what was this feeling in her chest? it tickled. she couldn't wait to hear the brother hum again. 27 then listened for the voices of leafpaw and astrid. she enjoyed the two because of their spirit and kindness toward each other. however, it hurt her heart whenshe heard the two speak of escape. she didn't want to have to chase after them and possibly hurt them. the door to her chamber unlocked. 27's ears perked up. 'papa!' he looked at her with cold disapproving eyes. papa loved her... but he didn't like hearing her speak. papa came toward her with the family, all male. 'time for more tests' 27's ears went back. she pushed her knees close together and started to shake. 27 hated these tests... 20 minutes passed and the tests were finished, everyone left and papa looked at 27. 'you were a good girl today' 27's tears started to clear and she nodded with a week smile. papa left. 27 tried to lick her new wounds but the chains were tightened and she had even less wiggle room than usual. 27 listened into the vent. she wondered if her brothers and sisters knew about her.
  13. the warm hug of gentle breeze, a place of green with splashes of color all over. a ceiling of blue with white painted here and there. 27 slowly opened her eyes. it was that strange dream again... what was that strange place that haunted her dreams with hollow promises? 27 looked at her cement room, this was real, this was her life. 27 stretched her limbs to hear the comforting rattle of the chains. they held her firmly around her ankles, wrists, and neck so her family could always find her. a loud click came from the steel door. 'yay!' 27 thought 'i wonder who has come to visit me'. the excitement radiated through her body as 27 recognized the woman. 27 tilted her head as her eyes sparkled with love and delight "mommy", her voice was compassionate and soft. the woman was by no means a gentle looking woman and 27 heard many of the family call her mother's eyes cold and her actions heartless. 27 didn't care. this was her mother, and she treated 27 with a gentleness that no one else could see or understand. 'hello 27' mother said in a deep thinking voice. mother focused on 27. 'where are your cloths and why are you covered in bruises and blood' her voice was cool and calm. 27 looked at the floor '27 was bad... the family asked 27 to breath fire but 27 didn't see mommy or daddy. 27 was scared, so she didn't.' 27's ears went back and tears started to collect in her eyes. 'mommy isn't mad at 27 too is she?' 27's voice was soft and hurting. mother grabbed a needle from her pocket and stuck it into 27's right side. she observed the blood thoughtfully then looked at 27's cuts and bruises. 'these lacerations seem to be healing faster than usual...' 27 couldn't stop the tears from rolling down her cheeks. 27 felt a choking sensation... was mother disappointed in her? 27's body fell limp in its chains. 'the family said 27 was taking well to the dragon DNA, my plates are many.' mother looked at the girl 'platelets, not plates'. mother touched 27's cheek softly. 27 looked into mommy's eyes. mother's hand moved to 27's head and she gave a gentle pat. 'you were correct in your feelings 27' mother's voice was gentle. 'there should be no testing without myself or ... father... present.' 27's tears cleared and she rubbed her head against the firm yet gentle hand, letting off a soft purring noise. mother turned to walk out of the room. 'i love you mommy' mother turned her head giving a small glance over her left shoulder and nodded then walked out the door, locking it behind herself. 'mommy loves me', 27 thought to herself. (sorry it took so long for me to reply. i had to take a tour at my college today. thanks for getting started though! )
  14. Well then! If you are ready, I bet everyone I eager to start. So, after you good budy? *salute* awaiting your camand chief!
  15. are we going to start the story on this page or are you opening another page for the story to begin?
  16. i want to reply but i have no idea who is still in this rp
  17. User name: forgottenfire333 Name: 27 Gender: female Normal human/dragon or mutant: mutant Hunter?: yes Description: hides in the shadows to hide herself and to prevent herself from being destracted. she wears a large hoodie and baggy pants during the day, no matter the temperature. At night she wears her hunting cloths. Usually tight leather... To her discomfort. Abilities: sences and agility of a cat, can fly, and has the ability to breath fire. She is also fire retardant (don't want to ruin that beautiful face of hers) Personality: she is shy and quiet. She prefers to cause as little pain to the prisoners as possible. 27 is very nieve, loyal,and has a good heart (she is just on the wrong side) She wants to please her masters. Animals: (Configured with?)cross breed between cat, girl, and dragon. History: 27 remembers nothing from her life outside of the lab. She remembered waking up at age 16 in chains and afraid. She had no cloths and was being poked an prodded, beaten and cut. Eventually fear had to be replaced. Her family did this for her own good... She had to please them, she was filthy and undeserving of their attention. Every pain was how they showed their love. She had a very loving mother. Her mommy rarely poked or prodded her. Her mother gave her food and water. Her father made sure the rest of the family gave 27 a break when her body couldn't handle it anymore. One day mommy and daddy asked 27 to be a hunter. They said it would be very helpful to them. Father patted her on the head and mother gave her cloths and money. A few lessons on the outside world and 27 was ready to bring her brothers and sisters home. Other: prefers not to talk to her brothers and sisters. They say confusing things. Can get confused and distracted by the simplest of things. Does have a tail but it is a cat tale with dragons horns at the end. It looks funny and is sensitive. She will use it in a fight but prefers to keep it hidden because she feels it looks ugly.
  18. Flora lay strapped to the testing table. she had been in the testing lab for a little more than a week now. It was rare for the scientists to capture such an older dragon. The whole situation was rather frustrating. she had been kept in this wretched facility for a little more than a year now. the only good thing was their help with her illness. Flora had been ill for some time, she could do little of anything in the wild. she pushed herself to stay with her family but kept her distance as not to make them sick. "sissy, how come you don't nuzzle me anymore? Don't you love me" It had hurt Flora to hear Savanna say that. Flora gave a week smile. "It is because i love you that i don't nuzzle you" An arrow shot through the silence. "Poachers!" Flora shouted. Her father was no where to be found... he had been out hunting. the family was smart though, they had a place to meet up in case of emergencies. "Rosy,Savanna, I need you two to fly as fast as you can to Draco mountain. do you remember the way Rosy?" Rosy nodded and readied herself to take off. "what about you sissy? aren't you coming with us?" Flora looked to her sister with pain in her eyes. "I will meet you at the mountain when i can... don't wait too long for me. follow father. now go!" with that Flora turned to the poachers to allow her sisters to escape. Flora charged at the despicable humans and flailed her tail and limbs at them, with the last of her strength. the battle was short but it was enough time for her sisters' freedom. "Two of them got away sir" "that's okay, we got ourself quite a prize. we should make a pretty penny off of this one." the leader said as he put one leg on his trophy. the journey through the caravan had been long and hard but finally the poachers found their best price at the research facility. Flora opened her eyes. the people here had proven that not all humans are bad. there are clumsy, sweet, gentle, and good humans. you cant judge a race on a select few. that wasn't to say that all of the people at the lab were good people. it was hard to tell the humans apart so she recognized the humans from their voices. Flora also grew to understand the human language in here year of captivity. to Flora's extreme pleasure, a group of rambunctious eggs had been causing the staff of the lab quite a bit of trouble. this meant that they would put a 'domesticated' dragon in with them. Flora made sure to be extra nice to the humans so she would be at the top of the list. Sylvia, one of flora's most favorite humans came in... one of the only humans Flora spoke to telepathically. "well Flora, once they are done with your tests, you get to finally meet the younger ones. after a year you wont be contagious anymore." Flora attempted to wag her tail but the leather straps that held her to the table prevented it. i hope this post is okay. sorry it is so long. i had some back-story and some catching up to do. i will post again as soon as someone else posts.
  19. if the rp isnt dead could you send me the link to where you guys are posting?
  20. Name: forgottenflame333 Dragon's Name: Flora Species: american Age: 18 Gender: Female Personality: she is a motherly figure. Flora's mother was killed by poachers and her father has to hunt for a family of three young dragoness'. Flora knows her family is strong but she has been the mother to her sisters for so long...