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    Heyo. You can just call me gjh for short lmao.

    My best friend in the entire world is Beacker1160. We are friends IRL and know each other very well.

    I'm lowkey an artist... I can sorta sprite--pixels can get annoying though, so I don't do it very often. Most of the time I stick to traditional art :P



    I used to write stories for my dragons, 'cause Beacker did. Kinda lazy on that, hard to make up an interesting tale for dragons I actually want to write about. My earliest attempts are quite horrendous but I don't want to delete them. Otherwise it's very hard to write fanfics for DC.

    I have been playing for quite a while now, ever since April of 2011. At least, that's the year when young me was able to get an email so I could actually activate my account, and that's the month/year my oldest dragon (maaaybe technically second oldest when sorted by age, for whatever reason) was taken from the AP as a hatchling (that's why I'm confused, since the Fog had been an egg).

    I have since achieved many goals, and have earned a great many badges, but not as many as those who are closely related to the site's development. Still, more goals are constantly being made, and etc etc.

    I try my best to name all my dragons. When I first started out, the dragons were named using titles and similar, rather ridiculous things. But as I continued, the names soon turned more..."name-like". And now, many of my dragons are named much like humans, with a first and last name and sometimes themed, or just a first name if it's a CB hatchling with nothing special otherwise, and I do still use titles occasionally, even if I try not to. Other times, I use their codes, if the code is interesting enough. I usually get their name inspiration from their codes or their breed descriptions. Otherwise, I do not do any kind of labeling (i.e. putting 'CB' in their names to remind me that they're caveborn. I usually remember, and if I don't, I check if I seriously care about how the lineage is gonna turn out).

    If you want to trade with me, you may take a look at my scroll for anything you would like (read: of equal value to whatever you're offering) and then shoot me a PM. Depending on what kind of dragon you're after, it may be a while before I can get back to you. I will do IOU's.

    IOU List: