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  1. True, but I stand with Pokemonfan13. You should be able to see a notification saying: "You've received an Offer from #___" ,"Receive Offer" or "Deny Offer". Now, before you select one,you should be able to go to their scroll by clicking their name. If possible, DC should add (maybe) a symbol next to an egg or hatchling that is currently up for trade (whether its for you or not) You can then select/look at the hatchling/egg you think #___ wants to trade with (perhaps making the icon look a bit different if the offer is for you). Once you've done that, look into the egg's/hatchling's lineage.
  2. I wish I could of gotten two of each... They're pretty cool, and I bet would make fashionable lineages.
  3. Now if little Jr. wondered why lions, bears, alligators etc. are so "terrifying" he may never exactly understand the shear size of the danger. Sure you can say, "They'll eat you!" "They're this BIG!" "It took off my finger!". Now, if you go into a zoo, it will give the child an idea. But (may sound cruel at first) allowing the child to look into the eyes of dead fear, and the story behind it, can give them a deeper idea of true terror. Humans are ordinarily not dumb enough to say, "Hey look a badger" then go cuddle with it; but their are pretty stupid people out there that set a bad example. With non dangerous animals (not saying that they can' be) its a good way of learning, and a constant reminder to (lets be nice and say dull people) to respect our fellow companions.
  4. I think taxidermy is a good way of seeing an animal up close and personal with out being eaten alive! It gives people a chance to appreciate the animal just inches away. Its good for teaching children about animals, how big they are, etc., just a good 360 of the animal. Taxidermy for domestic animals is a bit bizarre and a bit useless. We see them everyday. A deer I can understand, their flighty, shy, and hard to get a good view at, making it all the more exciting to see one up close. If you see a taxidermied ol' cow someone used to have people might be: If you see a taxidermied texas longhorn people would be: If you see a taxidermied elk people would be: "Oooo" If you see a taxidermied giraffe people would be: >"I want to hug it to deat--... wait..." If you see a taxidermy display of past cats... people might be: walking back out of the door.
  5. Sleet is just disappointing to wake up to....
  6. I remember these from the requests! Its good to see them once again.
  7. Brown, red, or black, or something in between... No, nothing anything else, maybe gray.
  8. Stupidity I can tolerate, but only if he's cute!
  9. When people allow their children to run ALL over the store... If they ever run by me again, I'm sticking my leg out.
  10. I'm Heterosexual, but I still believe some of the best people are the ones that aren't heters , especially the ones that aren't afraid to say so. (No offense anyone) Just remember the #! rule: Feel good about it. (Coming from a Freshman that's not afraid to say so)
  11. I think hoarders are crazy... *Sees the Daydream/White... * I think I'm insane now... *kisses my very first daydream/white a million times* My precious........
  12. I believe its fine. The more happy human beings the better. In fact, they actually create more peace between themselves than a male-female couple.
  13. Combining varius worlds in drawings. One of my favorites was when I combined DC, Minecraft, Assassins creed, Narnia and the Lion King all in one image... You would be amazed...
  14. All animals seem to be my favorite, because they're all awesome in some way, but I'm going to have to say a Dolphin. Becasue a Dolphin is a Chuck Norris' steed on land. (in the air of course.)
  15. I can't comprehend my slow reactions when it comes to try grabbin' em. I should be ashamed of myself!
  16. My mind has been blown! But will this badge replace the old one or will it be another one? <<< *makes the same face as my avit*