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  1. It's the height of summer, DC style. How goes the projects? Anyone have any new and exciting ideas? Frustrations with stubborn couples? Glaring at the one egg that refuses to be the right color? Or rejoicing in getting to that next goal? Don't forget to update your projects! And also post on project progression (or lack of)!
  2. Hey folks! It's post-event season! Everyone gearing up for some big projects over the next few months?
  3. Just a quick note to let folks know the moderator for this page has changed from blackdragon71 to Alayajoy. If you have any questions, PM me through the thread account first. Please be aware, I am not on the forum everyday, so it may take a day or two to respond to your PM. I will be checking this account first before checking my personal one. Other than that, I don't anticipate any big changes to the thread structure, and I look forward to seeing more dragon projects grow. ~Alayajoy
  4. Hello, everyone! It has been so long since I have cared for this thread, but it looks fantastic! I am limited in my play because of hand surgery that I’m still recovering from, and so far behind on what lineages are what and my own projects, that I would like to open it up to someone else who might want to take over this thread. If you are interested, PM me on my blackdragon71 account, and I will get you the password and other account info. Also, I will replace the graphics that were broken by Photobucket’s changes until such time as the new admin wants to make their own or the thread dies, whichever happens first. Thanks to everyone who makes the thread live, and good luck with all your personal projects! BD71
  5. Housekeeping has been done, per the rules and regs on the first page. If you cannot find your original post containing your lineage projects, it is because you have not updated them since before January 1, 2015. If you want to continue to have them displayed on the PLP, you will have to post them again and keep them updated between now and the next cleaning. When cleaning, I take into account edits, update posts, and any communication I receive privately to determine whether or not the post will be wiped. Update posts have also been discarded. A note to newer members: Please only post ONE update per page. If you do more on your lineage before the page turns over, edit your update post on that page. I know some folks have their pages set differently, but the norm is 20 posts per page. An update post every other post on a page creates clutter that other players have to slog through in order to get to their lineage posts and such. Next cleaning will probably take place before January 1, 2016. Since that is the New Year and still in holiday time, I'll keep an eye on the thread and make the determination at that time whether or not to postpone it. In the meantime, thanks for all the hard work you have put into your projects, those who have kept them up, and congrats on the ones that have finally met their goals! Welcome and have fun, new members!
  6. BANNERS FOR USE: -removed broken images but not the links! Links shouldn't show up properly in signatures. PMing Project Account owners to see if links can be corrected!- EG
  7. LINEAGE PROJECT FORM All fields marked * are required. *Scroll link/forum name: *Lineage name: *Breeds of dragons involved: *Type of lineage project: *What are your goals for this project?: How can others help? Are you willing to help others with their projects and how? Notes about your projects: [size=7][color=blue][font=optima][b]LINEAGE PROJECT FORM[/b][/font][/color][/size] [SIZE=-1]All fields marked * are required.[/size] [color=green][FONT=Copperplate Gothic Light] [b]*Scroll link/forum name:[/b][/FONT][/color] [color=red][FONT=Copperplate Gothic Light] [b]*Lineage name:[/b][/color][/FONT] [color=purple][FONT=Copperplate Gothic Light][b]*Breeds of dragons involved:[/b][/color][/FONT] [color=green][FONT=Copperplate Gothic Light][b]*Type of lineage project:[/b][/color][/FONT] [color=saddlebrown][FONT=Copperplate Gothic Light][b]*What are your goals for this project?:[/b][/color][/FONT] [color=blue][FONT=Copperplate Gothic Light] [b]How can others help?[/b][/color][/FONT] [color=green][FONT=Copperplate Gothic Light] [b]Are you willing to help others with their projects and how?[/b] [/color][/FONT] [color=red][FONT=Copperplate Gothic Light] [b]Notes about your projects:[/b][/color][/FONT]
  8. What is a personal lineage project? It is something unusual involving two or more of your dragons that you are doing alone. Whatever it is that you are planning, it should be something well thought out that has a purpose. If you're going to breed two dragons just because you can, that's not a lineage. We wish you well with that, but that’s not what we’re doing here. What we want to know is what you plan on doing with the offspring of dragons that you’ve picked out for a specific reason, and that offspring’s offspring, and so on. This thread is for the posting of your results, your dreams, and for us to give you a hand with the development of your ideas. Granted, sometimes a project begun by one person does take on life of its own, and others want to contribute and jump on your bandwagon. At that point, it becomes a group effort and then it will require a whole thread unto itself. To reduce clutter and to help the forum mods keep track of what is taking place in the forum at large, we will ask that the project be moved if that happens. Until then, your project will be nurtured and we’ll cheer you on. Before posting, please familiarize yourself with the forum topics and thread rules below: 1) Section Rules and Guidelines 2) Lineage Terminology 3) Lineage Project Creation Guide PLP RULES 1) As long as it is a personal project, it can be posted here. If your project is part of a group lineage project, please don’t bring it here. Find the appropriate thread. Use the search feature or PM the thread mod for help if you just can’t find what you’re looking for. 2) This is not a chat thread, though questions and suggestions on a limited basis are generally acceptable. Each person can post one main post. In that post you will enter all your personal lineage projects. Each project must use a separate form. 3) A form will be provided to accommodate the ease of deciding what information needs to be included in the first post. You may include your own graphics, colors, titles, etc., as long as the basic information is included. 4) After your first post, you may only post once per page to update. If you have not updated your project, then there is no reason to post. If you update twice in one day, edit your update post. (See rule 2.) When you do update, please include a link to the page of your original post, so that others can find your project(s) more easily. 5) Please update your projects regularly. Commentary and any lineages not updated within a 3-4 month period will be wiped to keep the thread clean and allow for easier finding of projects that do get updated. Since dragons are rather temperamental at times, at least update your original post with something like, “Still trying!” or “Dragons misbehaving,” if yours are giving you trouble. The moderator will understand and make an exception in that sort of case. You will get a warning on the thread before housekeeping. School holidays and such will be taken into account, but work it out with the moderator if you won’t be around. Be responsible for your own project(s). 6) There is no new idea under the sun, and there are similar ideas floating around DC, but that is how group projects begin. Settle disputes off-thread in PM or contact moderators if you can’t settle your personal differences over like ideas. Thread Mod(s): Alayajoy (PM and email in profile, if you need help)