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  1. 2 days ago Today I really like the Shadow Walker mate Sunstorm has managed to attract I just wish I had a cb on my scroll to represent her I think I'm going to call my cave finished, anymore and I think it'll look messy and crowded. Also my little sister wanted me to show everyone her cave since she's too young to have a forum account.
  2. Sunstorm currently has a Harvest sniffing around complaining about the lack of sweets and before that it was a Bleeding Moon wishing for more shinies. I'm hoping I can tempt the Bleeding Moon back
  3. Finally got round to properly organising my cave today instead of just throwing random objects in So far Sunstorm has only had a rather demanding Undine hanging round. She keeps complaining that there are not enough shinies but refuses to leave and give any other potentially interested ladies a look in.
  4. Thank you littleblackdog, Nectaris and ShorahNagi for answering my question
  5. Not sure if anyone will know this yet but if you breed a GON with another dragon can they only produce one of the new hybrids or is it possible for them to breed the other parents egg as well?
  6. Yay thank you TJ it's really interesting looking to see where all my dragons have come from
  7. Request Hi I'm hoping someone can help me I need a 2nd gen Spring from Sweetling x Spring pairing as a mate for him http://dragcave.net/lineage/XIaet I'd be very grateful to anyone who can help me and am happy to breed or catch something in return just let me know
  8. YES finally caught 3 of the Coast eggs
  9. Finally caught one of the Jungle eggs now I'm going to go back to trying to get one of the Coast eggs.
  10. Thank you for the Spitfire it's much appreciated . I'll make sure to name it as soon as it hatches so I don't forget .
  11. Ooo these are quite pretty, I wonder what dragons they would look best with .
  12. I was the same, by the time I got home from work the hatchlings had already gendered and it was fairly obvious what the pairing was.
  13. What Frostmourne meant was that all the Whiptails were probably bred in the early hours of the day 4 release when it wasn't widely known which pairing would produce the hybrid and everyone was experimenting. Edit: 'd I'm such a slow typer
  14. Just caught a CB gendered Teimarr hatchling on the AP
  15. Caught my first egg now I just need to wait a couple of hours for another one of my eggs to hatch so I can get a second one . Thank you for a great week TJ and spriters it's been a blast and I managed to achieve my goal of having at least one of each of the new eggs .
  16. To be honest the S2 hatchling poses remind me of this bit from Oliver and Company
  17. Even better if it was a new Eastern.
  18. My Hellhorse egg finally hatched so I finally had enough room to catch a second one of these beauties .
  19. I wonder how much longer it will take for TJ's hatchlings to gender I can't wait to see what they look like .
  20. Managed to snag a couple of tea related names for my two little hatchlings
  21. Caught one that was much easier than yesterday, unfortunately I won't be able to catch another one until my Hellhorse egg hatches later on today.
  22. Well it took much longer that I had originally expected but I've finally got my fill of the day 5 eggs 1 red, 1 brown and 2 green.