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  1. I have finally finished decorating my cave! Whew! I love how John Snow and his admirer are facing each other.
  2. Out of curiousity, when does this event end? I hope I can manage to make my cave look finished before the event ends.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone! Time to send presents to random people!
  4. That's one of the best Animes I've ever seen. I hope someone gives me a Gurren Lagann-related quote as a message.
  5. Maybe TJ and the mods saw the posts that state that the waiting hours are long, so they changed it? I'm not so sure.
  6. Has anyone noticed that seeds are easier to come by now than yesterday? I keep on seeing them in just a few minutes's interval.
  7. I've been giving away tons of flowers to everyone~ I can't wait to get a note back~
  8. I really love this year's DC event. Seeing the messages written by other people in the DC community really makes my day! I only wish the time for the plants to grow was a lil' shorter so that people could send a lot of flowers to other people as well.
  9. Wow your garden looks really abundant!!! So many colorful flowers there~
  10. I think that the flowers that you haven't sent to anyone will remain in your patch, and it'll be like that after the event. I think some of the rares are Bat Seeds and Titan -something- since I never have any of those yet.
  11. I just realized that this is the first V-day dragon that's not colored pink. Or maybe it's pink-tinted but I'm not sure...
  12. Vakarian --- the name was derived from a fictional character (Garrus Vakarian) of Mass Effect. I picked him out of all the characters cause he's so badass.
  13. I found a purple mushroom! I wonder what it'll look like when it grows up.
  14. Hmmm...I'm not sure if I'm completely satisfied with my fort. ;; Le fort~
  15. I always envision the Shimmer eggs to be like a Manectric or a Shinx.
  16. The release is still ongoing? So far, I can see a lot of commons in the cave now despite the 5/10/15 minute intervals.
  17. Sigh, I didn't manage to catch any of the new releases. They're pretty hard to find! This is a let-down!
  18. ...is it just me or this 5-minute drop lasted for about a millisecond...o_O.
  19. Squee! Got my first soon-to-be-baby-cat-egg! >u< Edit: One of them gendered! O_o The exotic scent reminds me of the smell of India spices.
  20. I love this day's egg release! It's sooo fat! O__O
  21. Oh...wha...wow! I got two in the mini-drop! I hope I can get more to give the people who doesn't have one yet. :<
  22. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave! I can't wait for the main attraction! The new avatars are just spectacular! I can't seem to pick a favorite! D:
  23. Squee! I can't wait to grab hold on one of these eggs!
  24. What fun! Oh look! I see a Shepard egg! ouo