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~"I'm Garrus Vakarian and this is my favorite forum on the Citadel!"~"Tea is like wisdom in liquid form. So drink moar tea!!!"~Scroll~DA~PM me~Email me~My flower wishlist~Wishlist: -pokes profile-.I would like to thank all the users and peeps for helping me out and giving me such wonderful gifts! Every egg and hatchling is really appreciated~!!!

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    -CB/ Any Neglected: I think it's a must...
    -CB/ Nicely-lineaged Metallics: I never have one yet, and I would love to have one in the future!
    -CB Trios: I never had luck with them, and I always get the wrong gender.
    -CB Stripes: They're so fluffy and cat-like~!
    -CB Golden Wyverns: That shiny awesomeness~!
    -CB Blacks: I need a male one to attain one set of Black parents.
    -CB Blusang: I am in need of a male Blusang for attain my second set of parents!
    -CB Tsunami: Need two males to attain two sets of parents.
    -Tinsels: Especially the gold and silver one! They compliment well with any dragon!!!
    -BSA Hatchlings: Red, purple, pink, any lineages is loved~!
    -Holiday Dragons: I plan to collect them all!
    -CB Seasonals- Weeee....so many colorssssss!
    -Short lineaged/Nicely-lineaged Holly- They're cute, but they're really annoyingly rare. D:

    My official set of Dragon Pairs:
    NEBULA: Bianca Celestino and Jeremiah Celestino
    RED: Cecille Fira and Tristan Fira
    Audrey Fira and Roman Fira
    PURPLE: Miss Rapunzel and Mister Rapunzel
    PINK: Tropical Fruit Pie and Fruitella Pie
    Cherry Berry Pie and Raspberry Cream Pie

    I accept breeding requests!