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  1. I definitely go for the adventurous type too, especially when in a group setting. Or even the ones that are individual that 'find' themselves.
  2. Not really buffer, just bigger. He is smaller bodied than what I imagined. Little more meat on him. Not that I am complaining about who played him, just not what I expected.
  3. *swipes a magi hatchling, i need one of them.....*
  4. banned for feeling guilty, you needed it
  5. *swipes your canopy dragon*
  6. swipes your female purple again, she must not like trinitar, lol
  7. A 8/10-pretty cool N 7/10-sounds cool and no numbers S 5/10-pretty interesting but not much
  8. *swipes your seasonal winter*
  9. Was it on here, or another topic? I had made a thread for one series about angels and vamps. But I had also edited the post in this thread that originally had the book as a recommended here when I saw that the person was younger. It is not for a young audience. If you think that it is the post you saw and cant find, let me know.
  10. I just got a leopard gecko to add to our list of exotics. I wish we could add a sun conure, but mother in law has had a kidney transplant and so can get really sick from just being in house with the droppings.
  11. Thats a little odd. I mean its still cheese there.....lol. Makes no sense.....
  12. not swiping anymore, until yo get some more, hehe. *in my best terminator voice "I'll be back"*
  13. no one wants to rate mine now that my siggy isnt empty? j/k
  14. No, cute, but not me. And it's not pokemon, its my OC, looks a lot better in its bigger version
  15. swipes ur deep sea hatchling, then gives it back to you once mine hatches