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  1. Of course not! Religion is an individual choice, and you don't have to follow what you were taught if you don't want to. If you want to identify Lutheran, that still doesn't mean you have to go to church every Sunday or any of the more involved activities.
  2. Question, not directed at anyone in particular: In Christian or Catholic religion, is it possible to not be a sinner- or to confess/repent/whatever it is that makes you a good person in your god's eyes- without believing in that deity yourself?
  3. I totally agree ^^ as a lesbian, I really just dont care whether someone's gay, trans, ace whatever. I have lots of girl friends that are straight, they're fine with it. And 10% of human population is homosexual- not counting aces, trans, bi, etc.
  4. "See ya soon >" -for an enemy "Tell people you don't like, that I'll giv'em for ya!" -for my friends "Bury me with something armadillo" -for everyone else
  5. There's this girl I have a crush on. We've known each other for years. She's really nice, and we're friends, but it's more like 'part of a large group of friends' than 'close friends'. It's like one of those cliche 'emotional torture' moments, but longer and drawn out. I feel like I always have to try and act normal so she doesn't catch on, because I don't want to lose my friends. I'm in 7th grade, so it's not exactly now or never, but I feel like I never have the courage to tell her I like her. And, since she and another of my friends are really close, some people (as a joke, no offense) started to call them lesbian. It's super awkward, because we're all girls! nothing against homosexuals but... I don't think she likes girls too...
  6. Once I had a really scary dream/after-dream. It was halloween night. I dreamed I was at my front door, on the patio, facing our Styrofoam tombstone hanging on a hook on the door. I walked towards it and tripped on the cement stairs, scraping my elbow. It was a short dream... but then I woke up (cue spooky music) I had a scrape -identical to the one in the dream- on my elbow. It hadn't been there before, and my door was closed, so I hadn't been sleepwalking.
  7. I can lock my legs by bending them backwards slightly, then if I go to sleep (albeit leaning against a wall) I'll stay standing. I can also create electricity, sort of. I put my fingertips together & concentrate, then there's a sort of tingly feeling like someone's pouring hot water on my hands & if I touch someone apparently they feel a spark :-/ Coincidence maybe? Edit: oh and I have this awesome 'evil stare' thing that apparently looks really scary
  8. Today I was walking down the street and there was 2 guys about 5 years older than me. *Just* as they walked by I heard one of them say "...my future wife..."
  9. Yi Long Xiang (I know someone named that )
  10. I know I'm supposed to trade on-site, but... >_< theres no one on, it seems. anyway, I'm willing to trade a Zerda egg for a Chetae egg or a pair of Aquus eggs for a Iuridon egg. PM me here, my username is Xx~armadillosushi~xX {edits please} or just PM me on here with your profile link Also, I'm giving 1 En each for Dappled Pythons, send me 100+ and I'll give you an extra 25 En! i've got 15/5000 so far
  11. My favorite's the Chetae. Check out my pitiful profile here
  12. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend."
  13. I believe that we can learn from games, we can design buildings on games like Minecraft and meet people in chatrooms and forums. but although many people like the easy acheivements, it makes us unprepared for real life, because we expect a reward for doing practically nothing instead of working hard towards a goal
  14. Moonsong, WindClan ((I got approved but no-one's on, so... here goes, I guess?)) Moonsong walked into camp. Noticing the shrinking fresh-kill pile, she decided to go hunting- besides, as much as she hated killing, she still liked to provide for herself and others. Padding softly out, she flicked her ears and heard the bounding of a rabbit. Although her hunting stance was clumsy, it worked, and she snuck up on the animal. Killing it with a swipe to the neck, she bent her head to pick it up and suddenly the wind changed- though it was just a breeze, it carried the unmistakable scent of catnip. Fixing the place in her memory, Moonsong raced back to camp to deposit her kill. Before she was halfway there, her neck was tired of holding the fat rodent, and it dragged on the ground, but eventually she got to the sparse, wind-blown camp. Vowing to return and get the catnip later, Moonsong laid down and closed her eyes. Just for a second, she thought. Just for a second...