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  1. Hm~ Thanks for stating thoose reasons =) First two gives me a "You've better thought about that before getting pregnant" as first reaction before agreeing - thinking about careless pairs rather than of something serious, and the second, sadly, clear "yes" for making abortion as one of the solutions.


    Was there a discussed situation then one person in the pair wanted a child and other did not(regardless who will be/is already pregnant) on prevous pages?

  2. Opinion - yes, if it has a real reasons, like pregnacy danger, high risks of severe DNA disease. We have a nice sample on "DNA Diseases" class then teacher made a situation then you have to say "Expertice said what your boy-baby will be 100% healthy - but, if it'll be a girl, there will be a chance your grandson can be DNA sick".


    Too long text to say and mai iingleesh eesn't tha-a-at gud[sorry for possible eye-torture]. And, don't have much to say about unwanteds or early pregnacy.

  3. Tetra Fang - Supernova, T.M. revolution - Joker, Jeanne Da Arc - Beloved Psychobreaker (Hell or heaven - itoshii no PSYCHOBREAKER), Wild Fang, Kamen.


    I see WHY some songs are favorite in first post :E