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  1. Change places, babies, you're looking funny. But, y-y-y-y-yep, Red Ashes + Blue Fire. They will have a nice time bbqing things
  2. My fort needs some crash tests - anyone, purrrrlease?
  3. Parents of this one Red tinselfail was a gift from my friend, and, luckily, a nice pair
  4. I want to breed my own common King or Queen! Forum Name:MinaraiAkira Scroll Link: Here Secret Word:cooee
  5. So-o-o this is how Black Friday goes? oh man, I keep calming myself what I WOULD be able to catch new-released. C'mon, be catched already, I want to go in MMO And I wish good luck to other catchers who weren't quick enough like myself is. Few seconds for me. With pretty good connection speed.
  6. Uuuh...Weasly family? Geodesis. that was simple Is there another one 'that MainHero guy from Titan A.E.'? Yeah. Simple too - Forest's Spirit And destiny is Inevitabilis
  7. They have a very nice dark chocolate-themed grandchild
  8. f-f-f-f-f-f-fwhaaaaaat?! Unreally pretty. I was surprised I've caught a Stripe. Thought it would be of messy lineage but!
  9. Gonna keep that baby <3Though I Do Not have a proper name, but it's parents!.. Means much for our fanfic where "Starheat Raven" nickname appeared
  10. Found thoose two pretties - Stargazer Calavera and Halloween sweets. Lucky enough, my reds woke up and helped warm few eggs WITHOU trowing them away
  11. Mint - CB, caught in the Volcano cave. Name: brandy mint - searched and snatched that name in the net :E Green(BSA) - CB, same day as Brandy, name Geodesis Guardian - CB, Volcano, name: Engard. Pretty oblivious, huh? Fire Wyvern - AP, 2nG PB, name - Weace Blazingheart =3 Luv-luv-luv that guy!
  12. This one is terribly cold for a dragon - only 48*C (there is no Farenheit in my country ^^*_ This one is made of fake 'PVC' Brimmy is a root of....eeeh....evil? And here i-i-is.... Unreleased RockmanX Zero Irregular arm...dragon?!
  13. I'd like to join~ And my mischief-maker Magi too!
  14. Ga-a-a-ah, I need to iron my medical white uniform!
  15. Magia by Kalafina I want you - Teddyloid remix
  16. MinaraiAkira


    Not liking. Haven't read, saw a very little of a film(was bored), saw jokes about overly attached fans. If it was something of a new race with gemophilia - maybe it would be something... more acceptible. But not sparkly vampires, please =(
  17. A spiral I would like to continue... Hope that's will be a lovely girl!
  18. ...Was glued to a chair. It was Native Language lesson. Then I sat I've felt like sitting on hot oil... It was 45 very uncomfortable minutes untill lesson ended. I stood up easily. The only thing I've got is a slightly red skin and my jeanses trown into garbage later. Teacher was mad on prankster saying I cold get a chemical burns because of that glue.
  19. Shokomon, Rhynn Collins, Thank you! Sadaly - no, i've got no concept or idea for the dragon(Instead of waterrunner with transparent-geamy fins I've saw in dream too). Wonder it will be usefull for someone...
  20. A "dreamgem" egg. I saw in the dream only the circles on royal-blue-like egg. Thanks for help and tips to guys from art IRC