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  1. headphones. earbuds hurt, fall out to fast. and mine died after listening to 7 songs. ._. first it was the left headphone, then the right. ._. headphones however, have not died yet. and i had them for quite a while. :3
  2. mine is a light blue. well, they are light blue and then get lighter when it gets closer to the pupil . and it looks like they have bubbles in them. >8D
  3. dinos. yes, some people like them, but i really dont. e.e they look so weird compared to other dragons.
  4. Nectarines. i could eat them all day. <3 peaches and honeydew melon are next. raspberries...blackberries...oranges...cherries.... now i want fruit. ):
  5. i have perfect attendance. 8D rode a camel through a desert with a guide. :3 and i have visited everywhere except alaska and canada north pole and antartica south pole, etc... :3 i volenteered at a animal shelter. im pretty good at drawing. ( dragons only. my humans stink. ) im the only girl at my school who does not wear makeup. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. thats it. :3
  6. when i saw the topic 'Rabbits' i couldent help but think of watership down. ): I also thought about a horror book involving rabbits.... i did not sleep that night. e.e
  7. do dragons count as animals? if not. its wolves. :3
  8. my dreams are extremely bizarre and random. ok. i woke up in a really dark forest. i had no idea where i was so i was walking in a random direction. i reached a cliff and there was water everywhere. it looked like the ocean but there were no waves. I blinked and i was in a endless playground (?) and i was being chased by a HUGE brown bear for like, an hour. i climed to the top of a 500ft slide (?) and then i randomly ended up in a maze. i heard growling and i turned around and there was a really big lion ( had a arm in its mouth. )and i ran through the maze trying not to get eaten lik