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  1. Wow pretty babies! Thank you Sunrunner and purplehaze ^^ Love them
  2. Love the Tercorns! Gonna get more of them lol
  3. Man betterdiscord is a thing, it removes blocked people completely. Guess i should keep using this
  4. Artius → AngelsSin ~ Gold :: ACCEPTED Artius → GalacticSketch ~ Gold :: ACCEPTED
  5. Artius

    Final Fantasy

    Man I'm super excited. Now I can't wait to see Sephiroth lmao
  6. Why did I keep trying for this? I can’t have anything.
  7. Oh cool, I won something that I was really hoping for. Thank you to Rosa for my prize and this awesome raffle ^^ ❤️
  8. Oooh nice! Omens are gorgeous ❤️
  9. Dancing With A Stranger by Sam Smith, Normani
  10. This is just my bad luck, probably. I've sent an egg to someone as a gift before. They read my message right away but didn't take an egg or respond to me for days, so it grew up on my scroll. But well, someone else got an egg they asked from that person today. I feel like crap right now because I was completely ignored, but won't complain. Just the dragon I sent to them was worth a sh** and they didn't think they needed to reply to my message.
  11. Why didn’t i know this thread existed? 🤔 lol man you have a unique and stylish sense of coloring ❤️ i love the particular quality of texture in your art. The 3D models are pretty good too. Can’t wait to see the next one! Keep up the good work 🍀
  12. Holy Those sakuhanas are gorgeous! Love them ❤️❤️
  13. Lol that drunk Shallow water is love. Eva, your arts are gorgeous! The Radiant Angel is great and the Black tip is cute lol. You are so gifted ❤️
  14. Oooh both are gorgeous! Blancblack is pretty awesome, I love their yin yang vibe.
  15. OHHH GOSH THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! I love their names too. Guess they seem to be based on cherry blossoms 🌸🌸🌸 How lovely 😍
  16. Well i got bored with this game already.. holiday events dont feel special to me anymore. Guess i need a new goal 🤔
  17. Congrats to all winners, i sent out my egg. ^^
  18. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Artius Scroll Name: iznasha87 Group Name: Artius's Secret Santa 2018 Wishlist: 2nd gen Prize / 2G from Spriter's Alt / 2G from Female Holly 3G from Spriter's alts (Witchlight or Cavern Lurker, Floral Crowned are awesome) Any 2G prizekin / CB Xenos Any CB Zyumorph CB BSA (Red, Pink, Purple) hatchlings or 2G Setsong/Risensong Any pretty checker lineages you are proud of, surprise me. CB Spinel / Khusa / Deep Sea hatchling Breeding abilities: Have several CB metals / 2G prizes / 2G spriter's Alts / 2G Thuweds, but still don't have some past CB christmas dragons including Hollies. Also can try to breed something from.. silver tin Catching abilities: Can catch almost everything if I have enough time to stalk the cave, I'm a good catcher. Trading abilities: Can get most things.. I guess? Not sure about NDs(I can't make them) or 2Gs from Spriter's alt, occasionally get them though. Teleport abilities: Have plenty of Magis
  19. Just sent out my eggs. Congrats to all the winners ^^