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  1. i got some nice lineage holiday valentines day eggies. the older ones have a nice stairstep lineage and the 2 latest ones are 2nd gen. i really like the non messy lineages. i am glad that he lifted then holiday limit so i could get some nice lineaged ones
  2. I am trying to catch non messy lineages. i caught a messy lineage egg and i put it back and i have lucky enough to grab a better lineage one. i know withe the older holiday dragons it may be tricky to get a good lineage one. that aside thanks tj for the event.
  3. hey i didnt win either. oh well better luck to all of us non winners next year. now i shall await the valenties day eggie
  4. i got my very first bsa pink dragon from the cave. the other 2 times i tried and got the flamingo egg. i am happy
  5. i just picked up this crimson egg from the ap it has an interesting lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/8PtpF
  6. i discovered this as an ad while i was playing pokemon global pokedex. its a fun game. it is more similar to pokefarm and that it has a feature called rumble which is similar to the scour in pokefarm
  7. congrats winners. alas i didnt win again. oh well. its all in fun
  8. a few games. best buy gift card, some moccasion slippers, 100dollar walmart card. 125 dollar worth of checks
  9. merry christmas everyone. i love the new christmas egg
  10. wow in about an hour my fort was demolished by people. that hasnt happened before in past days
  11. i have realised i really dont care if i win the raffle. christmas is about giving so i would rather breed my holly for a person who doesnt have one. i am doing that and that will make me feel more happy than getting a raffle egg. it isnt about receiving but giving those that are less fortunate
  12. yay i am level 25 now. now to make my fort look beautiful so i can see it after the holidays. it would be nice if i won in the raffle but i am not holding my breath. i lost last years. whatever happens happens whoever wins it when the time comes congrats.
  13. the only one i found was the purple one
  14. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort yes you can attack it i am trying to reach level 25 also how do you add the ice dragons snow cats? i am curious. i would like to add one or two
  15. i got the 6 different past holiday dragons including the holly from the ap and they all have nice lineages my holly has the thuwed line
  16. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: futuregohangurl
  17. ok now i am silver. i think once you reach level 15 your medal changes to silver from bronze
  18. no there is still the egg limit that depends on your trophy
  19. yay. hopefully it doesnt go down again
  20. Gotcha! Scroll name: futuregohangurl Threw a snow-ball at: Shinypants Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: futuregohangurl
  21. i have 3 hollies now. i caught them all in the AP and their lineages are all pretty nice and not too long. i wouldnt have complained either way since they are hard to snag. i got my 3rd last night