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  1. Thank you so much from us over in the East Coast. Our power is out but the fact I have internet is good and I'm hoping the power comes back soon. I really appreciate this especially since this is my first event here on dragon cave, I'm glad I won't have to miss the new event. Once again thank you so much
  2. Lol wow my friend threw a pencil in the air at band and it got stuck in the ceiling when we had a substitute while we were playing this weird game she made up and in the middle of the game it fell back down and landed on the cymbol and made a really loud crash. He also mad a giant spit ball once and put it on the stand to through it at me when our band teacher wasn't looking but he forgot it was there and as we were leaving Mr. Bartle picked it up and threw it away it was really funny
  3. Avatar: 4/10 I don't really understand it that much but it seems kind of cool Name: 10/10 Related to Warriors at all? Seems like it I love that series Sig: 3/10 not much to say
  4. Hmm school stories, well last year at orchestra-I play cello-There was only two of us there still is but now it's a different guy-my cello buddy -because the other guy went to high school, well it was the day of our concert and while we were practicing after our song-keep in mind this guy hates me for no apart reason-he looks at me really angry so I'm like "oh come on what did I do" I turns out my nail broke while we were plucking and hit him in the face it was rather funny at pep band-I play trumpet- This really small 6th grader stuffed himself in to a band cabinet and when this girl walked y he jumped out and scared her it was awesome. Last year at orchestra the smoke alarm went off and we all were like OMG FIRE! and we all like practically threw our instruments down and ran outside and it turns out it was only the drama people with their smoke machine simliar thing happened at chior some little kid pulled it though. Also yesterday I tripped over this really annoying kids music stand because he left it in the way and fell on the back of a chair I was like AHHH and everybody just looked at me and then the other cello player was like OMG are you ok it was funny though Also we were playing this game in science today where we made a circle-I don't know why it was weird-and we had to throw tennis balls to eachother with out dropping them and my science teachers added a bag of rubber bands and a bouncey ball and a tennis ball went in the garbage and the bouncey ball in the recycling and when the teacher wasn't looking someone thre the rubber bands back to him and it hit him we were all laughing (starting rockets tomorrow oh yeah )
  5. Yuck Koulourkoria No Idea how to spell it but it's a greek cookie pronounced culd-a-like-ya its spelled different than it sounds though
  6. you know you've played too much New Super Mario Bros. when you come back from somewhere and say "Imma Back" like Lugi does when he comes back after loosing all 5 lives You know you've played to much Dragon Cave when someone you hate is annoying you and you say "leave me alone or I'll make my (insert dragon type here) eat you!" not me but my friend did this(I joined in of course ): You know you play too much Mario when you start singing the theme song while doing a boring assignment for social studies. Funny part is only one other person noticed it
  7. Anybody else ever think the ballon dragon looked like it was about to sneeze? Well this is why
  8. The Inheritance Cycle or the Eragon Saga whatever you want to call it, I read the first Hunger Games book and now I want to read the 2nd but so far it's extremely good series
  9. *swipes frozen terrae and it magically unfreezes*
  10. I'm exactly 5 ft. and I'm almost the shortest person in my grade even my friend in 7th (my cello buddy ) is taller than me I like to say I'm not short 'm just vertically challenged
  11. When people shove me out of the way in the hall way when I'm at my locker not even in the way(Girl like three lockers away) and they make fun of me because I'm a nerd a band/orchestra geek and because I hardly ever talk to anybodt except my close friends which I have very few, If anyone does talk to me it's only because they want an answer from me because I know it or because they want to do a project with me because I know how to do it. kinda sad really oh and when people talk about One Direction obsesevily here and there it's fine but when that's all you talk about it's so annoying I don't personally like that style of music I like rock, Metal that kind of stuff
  12. Oh this is a hard choice but I have to go with giraffes
  13. MysticMusician

    vocal range?

    I don't really know I'm in choir and I sing the lowest part we have so we split it into 1,2,3 and sometimes 4 so if its 2 parts I'm 2nd if it's 3 parts I'm 3rd and if it's 4 parts I'm 4th for a girl I have a rather low voice and I can't sing high pitches at all my voice will sort of crack or I can't make any sound if I try to sing higher notes