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Open to trades and stuff. Will most likely accept IOUs unless you seem to be untrustworthy for any reason. I have social anxiety so I may be awkward kind of. Collect Pillows, Blacks, and Scripts.If you make an offer on my trade, please don't retract it. If I don't decline it, I'm most likely considering it. It's very frustrating when I decide to accept your offer, and then it's not there anymore.

Puppie415.png3499s75.jpg Gold_Shimmer-scale_adult.png.b7c5b876225b75a960a95463c553c0c0.pngf1R5g.png.f494dfef9e83f6e9d353a69f22584b6d.pngMy prizes ❤️ eoc_button.gif 

I do accept requests for 2nd gen prizes/prizekin. Mainly Pair Shimmer with a Blusang, and currently Tinsel with an Aether Wyvern, but I am open to specific mate requests, or breeding them together.

 Current amount of people waiting on offspring from Eastern: 2

 Current amount of people waiting on offspring from Western: 1





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    I like Music, and video games. I'm going to college to become a Music Education Major. I like SAO, Death Note, L, Mirai Nikki, Pokemon, L again, Attack on Titan, many other shows, and uhhh oh yeah L.