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Open to trades and stuff. Will most likely accept IOUs unless you seem to be untrustworthy for any reason. I have social anxiety so I may be awkward kind of. Collect Pillows, Blacks, and ScriptsOf course I collect the rest of them too, those are just the ones I am getting a lot of lol. Also participating in the 2018 Deep Sea Holly Contest, so I'm collecting those currently as well. If you make an offer on my trade, please don't retract it. If I don't decline it, I'm most likely considering it. It's very frustrating when I decide to accept your offer, and then it's not there anymore.

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    I like Music, and video games. I'm going to college to become a Music Education Major. I was going to Major in Music Ed and Computer Science, but both required so many classes, so I chose the one without math. Music is my life.