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  1. You are very welcome for these two <3 I don't have the option to be able to breed you relevant mates, but I do have a very long list of holiday lines if you would like to peruse :3
  2. Have: Bronze CB shimmer (Viscous Horrors) to breed with your choice of Christmas CB. WANT: best offer of 2nd gen holiday x holiday lines of my choice. Please PM to discuss
  3. I am so sorry, but I think that's hilarious! At least now you don't have to worry about the next two days and you can get as much sleep as you want!
  4. I just found out my egg made it in!!
  5. Australia has no officially gone into lockdown 😪 Fortunately my workplace being a Martial arts, is super innovative- we've moved to online training! Hopefully our shutdown isn't too long though :( We've got just over 1700 confirmed cases, with my state being at the low-ish end of the total amount. Our Prime minister is doing ok-ish, not the best, but not the worst I think.
  6. I can tell you right now, I have so many parents ask if we have club t-shirts, when they are standing right next to the rack of... *drum roll* club t-shirts! So people are not smart... But also, if they're like me, when I am looking for something and it appears to be out of stock at the shops, I'll ask just in case they've had a shipment come in and haven't had a chance to un pack it- so I can come across as annoying, because look- not on the shelves = not here, but I've worked retail, restaurents etc, and if you're lucky and nice enough, someone might have what you want, same as in this case, people hope that you are willing to part with what you have for what they have. I can understand that it can be annoying, especially if you have "no other offers" but also, you need to remember that this is primarily a kids game as well, so you might have some youngster who either missed what you said, or simply is unable to get something pretty for themselves any other way. Sometimes they simply don't think about stuff like that particularly hard, I still have kids at work who totally think it is acceptable to take candy from a stranger if you run away fast enough afterwards *Facepalm*
  7. Hey Sashimi, thanks for bumping this thread I have PCOS (a hormone disorder ) and I have found that in the past following a low carb/no carb diet, such as the Keto diet, and having a high protein, high fat intake has helped me lose weight in the past. I lost about 10 kilos in three months. Unfortunately though my cravings for sugar are something fierce and I struggle to stay away- I can't eat just one or two little things, it ends up being a massive box of whatever it is, and over the last three-four months I stopped with Keto all together and put that weight all back on. So, starting back at square one! I am looking to lose 50 kg (from 120 down to 70) and I would like to go from a size 20 in clothes, and I would ideally like to be a 14 or a 16, so drop 2-4 dress sizes. I am a martial arts instructor, and I find it hard sometimes because even though I can be training up to four hours per week, and I am actually pretty fit for what I do, my weight... well weighs me down and makes me out of breath quicker and seems like I am less fit than I really am, so things need to change!
  8. Yes! All you have to do is: 1. Hoard Script dragons! 2. When you get to about 100 or so, they will give you a breed specific action. 3. Click on that action. 4. Gain Random script fonts! Super easy. I've seen pictures of double headed hollies around... How do I get those?
  9. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but taking into consideration some of the stuff the TJ has said, and then also having multiple pages sounds awful, why not do something similar as to what the biomes do, every five minutes the eggs at the front rotate around (I think?) What if, every 5 or so minutes, the AP Rotates the eggs around? It's a system that's already in use within Dragcave, and so should be able to be applied to the AP. It should have a modification that anything below 3.5 days for example shows up more frequently at the front, but still regularly rotates around as well. This would mix up the breeds, the times, and what you are seeing on the front page, but users don't have to worry about multiple pages or seeing a different thing that everyone else is seeing. This should help prevent to a degree "walls". Also, every time someone takes an egg, another egg replaces that one anyway, so really, the time of scramble could even be extended out to 10-15 minutes.This gives people time to pick through the eggs and whatever gets replaced. @LadyLyzar
  10. HAVE: CB SILVER Shimmer (Viscous Horror's) to breed with your choice of Holiday dragon https://dragcave.net/lineage/rbWWh WANT 5 hatchies: ANY 2nd Gen Hatchies from: Hollies, Enraged Aegis, Snow, garland and starsinger dragons bred with any holiday dragons. Other Hol x Hol pairings (PM to discuss) 1 x 2nd gen Spriters alts (the newer, the better) 10 holiday hatchies unrelated to holiday x holiday pairings that I like (on a catch or breeding basis). Feel free to PM if you have something else you would like to offer but is not up. I don't bite, and will respond to all messages.
  11. 😮 The amphibious Aranaos look like something from a Guillermo Del Toro movie! Love the look of them so much ❤️
  12. https://dragcave.net/lineage/rbWWh I won this beautiful baby today xox
  13. https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZMNAd I spent most of my Halloween picking up cool lineages to trade for this gorgeous ❤️ worth it!
  14. Mine is a differentiation on Cerianis, a username a came up with about 16 years ago now. I love both monikers, Cerianis, and Cerimonster. Cerianis because it sounds kind of like a real name, while also being fake, and cerimonster, because why not. Also, this way I don't forget all of my usernames across the net! I don't mind that bit of information floating out there, because the only other stuff people might find is my roleplaying online.
  15. I would like to state as well, I'm pretty sure hatchlings get bumped straight to first page to be picked up... Also, We're starting to get the newest eggs coming through the wall now, so I don't think we have much to fear from eggs dying.
  16. Did not even realise until well after hatching, but I bred the daddy to this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/cg9mh @Lavinia Thanks for dropping one of the babes to the ER, I got grandbabies now! Definitely going to keep :3
  17. I was going to say what the actual F! But seems the guys above me have taken the cake xD But still, first time for myself doing so well, and with no one gone yet.
  18. Reeeaally?!? Tried to do the experience points hack, left my tower unguarded completed! 26 rounds later, 7 shallow waters + 4 greens later, I am left with this awfulness...
  19. @Evilnecromancer (On scroll) Thank you for my beautiful holxhol lines ❤️ Found them almost immediately, and you helped me fully cross off almost all my grave x Valentines lines: https://dragcave.net/lineage/94bib https://dragcave.net/lineage/pIVk0 https://dragcave.net/lineage/8d3O8 https://dragcave.net/lineage/9jrj8
  20. Just finished updating my entire pairings list... Much clearer and easier to read.. and update in future with new dragons!