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My Scroll       ndsmack.gif        2w388qh.png     I give and take IOUs sometimes, read more about it in my profile :)

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    - I forget stuff sometimes. If you feel like I forgot to answer your PM or similar, just send again^^
    - will take IOUs from known members, but probably only ones that can be fullfilled withing a few weeks.
    - will give IOUs / breed most things from my scroll, just ask :)
    - I make Neglecteds, but only from CBs or my own breeding.

    Things I'm generally looking / willing to trade for:
    - Very high even gen anythings.
    - Even gen and CB metallics (duh xD)
    - Dinos
    - EG shimmers and tinsels, any generation.

    to me:
    ShadowRift: 26 Red Hatchies (started 28.01.13) 26/26 - Done
    lynixe: 25 Red Hatchies (started 28.01.13) 25/25 - Done
    Blue Nadir: 2nd gen Val 09 - Done
    (for lilia) Mysticangel: 5 Red hatchies 5/5 5 Magi hatchies 5/5 (started 12.02.13) - Done
    Groovy: 3rd gen Shimmer - Done
    arisilde: 21 BSA hatchies (started 21.03.13) 21/21 - Done
    BlightWyvern: 3rd gen EG Shimmer - Done
    Dryadia: something worth a half ND - Done
    dragonsrus: 2 PB Blusangs - Done
    Dawnfur: 6th gen EG shimmer -Done; Offspring from silver echo (3rd place) (started 24.04.13)
    alicit: 3rd gen EG shimmer - Done
    Becka: 3rd gen EG tinsel - Done
    Wyvurn: Two of each Zuyo color - Done
    Nicola: 2nd gen Prize

    to others:
    dragonpuck: Stripe from Holly - Done
    Konsul: 2 CB ND -2/2 - Done
    Dryadia: Male ND - Done; ND for freezing - Done;
    Ameth: CB ND any gender - Done
    BlightWyvern: CB ND - Done
    SolarCat: Fem ND - Done
    Thurin - 2nd gen gold with either an undine, Brute, or tsunami - Done