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  1. So I'm having a weird issue with a dragon on my scroll. My only ND simply is not showing up for me. I keep it at the top of my scroll, and all of the sudden its image has stopped showing up. I can still see its name and stats, etc, but the image itself is just...gone. I'm almost positive that it's a problem with my computer browser, which is the latest version of Chrome (on Windows 8.1). When I asked Lady Artemis if she could see it, she said that its image loaded fine for her. Then I went to view my scroll from a different computer and sure enough, it loaded fine as well. The weird thing is, is that I can see other NDs owned by other people. Like, I just looked at ADP's scroll and all of her NDs showed up fine. Here's what it looks like for me from my scroll page: And when I view it via typing in the name that's currently on him, here's what the view page looks like: But when I go to the dragon's action page, the image loads fine. I've tried clearing my browser cache, and I've tried restarting my computer twice now. I'm not really sure what else to do, so maybe someone here can help me out. ; Okay, wow, like 5 minutes after posting this it mysteriously came back?? Uhh, so I guess never mind then. I'm not sure what happened, haha.
  2. Sweet! *proceeds to sink back into the shadows, to continue silently stalking Stella's Arts*
  3. RIP in peace. But not really because half of them are BSA hatchlings!
  4. I picked up this beautiful Pink. Thanks s0r0k4! Your dragon offspring are loved~
  5. At my house we don't do any decorating indoors, but we usually toss a few plastic tombstones out in the yard like, the day before Halloween.
  6. @LadyArtemis and @suskekun222 - I've got a bunch of BSA hatchlings too! 4 reds, 4 pinks, and 2 magis! Halloween prep, am I right? /// Speaking of, I just got an amazing trade on a 4G Shimmer I was trading, that consisted of two CB Pink hatchlings, a CB Red hatchling, and a 3G Thuwed Red hatchling! Thanks so much for the epic offer, you know who you are! So now I'm happily locked with mostly BSA hatchies.
  7. Oh, sweet! I didn't know that about Pinks, I've been going along under the idea that their cooldown was 2 weeks. Whoops Alrighty, I'll probably use as many of my Reds now (might as well, right?) and stop on the 9th to be safe~
  8. Okay, so the cooldown on Red and Pinks' BSA is 2 weeks, correct? So according to that, which day should I stop using my BSAs in order to have them all available in time for Halloween breeding (under the assumption that it begins exactly a week before the 31st)? The...10th? I can't math/calculate/figure things out by myself. So if someone could help me out that'd be great!
  9. I sent a bunch of 2G PB Whites to the AP the other day, so those should be showing up soon. There are a few miscellaneous eggs thrown in too (whoops). And yeah, I think I'll breed all my BSA dragons. The lineages will be pretty meh, but with Reds/Pinks, most people don't seem to mind that much~
  10. Just missed the first CB Gold I've seen in years. Damn. It's refreshing to finally at least see one though. ;;
  11. Still hot. Although I can feel the weather slowly but surely worming it's way closer to a cooler and more moderate temperature. I can't wait for the cold weather!
  12. Chips and queso. Or at least, Taco Cabana's idea of chips and queso, which is basically chips and melted velveeta with peppers tossed in. Oh well~
  13. Been stocking up on extra BSAs for Halloween, so of course two random Pinks from the AP decided to gender male when I /really/ need more females. And because I refuse to influence Pinks (unless they've got a special lineage that requires it), I have terrible gender disparity. Let's see, I've got 20 male pinks, and only 11 females. I realize the difference isn't that bad, but it still bugs the hell out of me.
  14. This cutie gendered correctly! Even though I didn't both to influence it! <3
  15. Ahh! I love all the updates so far!
  16. So ****ing stressed out and furious and depressed and sick and overwhelmed with life.
  17. Thanks to whoever dropped this low-time misgendered Thunder hatchie!
  18. Haha, yeah~ 2G prizes are luckily a bit flexible in that regard (excluding holiday lineages). Anyway, just traded for a 2G silver Tinsel! And per usual, my scroll's hidden and it's fogged.
  19. Like my blood sugar might be a little high. Should probably check it and take some insulin.
  20. Yo Stella, can you draw me a White dragon doing something silly/dumb...like falling down the stairs (or better yet, tripping /up/ the stairs) or something? Also you can put this request at the bottom of your requests since I just kinda wanted to pop in and request something.