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  1. You mean like this? "I can't seem to find an answer or solution to this >.< but is there ANY way to indent a paragraph (like the whole paragraph, not just the first line) on here? If not, I suppose I'll have to keep using ........... and then making them the same color as the background .__." If so, then you just use the BB Code: list, and /list (with the brackets added of course).
  2. *audible sigh of relief* (He gendered right!)
  3. A tortilla with some butter and sugar on it.
  4. Kind of a congrats/bad luck post this time. Picked up a very pretty 3G Undine metalfail (x female Golds), incubated it and influenced it...and today it hatched as an alt! See? I mean, yay at getting another alt! But...I kinda needed this one to be normal for the sake of the checker.
  5. I think the main reason why Trios /seem/ to be worth less than Xenos currently is because of the demand. People still want Xenos a lot. Trios, not as much. So while the actual rarity gap is quite big, the demand for Xenos is much higher than Trio demand. But yeah, from what I've seen, I'd say the ratio of Xeno drops to Trio drops is like, 4:1.
  6. Last night I had a really odd dream about like...a moderator on some website got murdered, and I'm pretty sure I was the one who committed the murder...but I wasn't 100% entirely sure because for some reason my memories had been blocked out. I remembered blacking out, and then waking up in my house when all this happened, so I wasn't sure if I did it, but I had a sinking suspicion that I was responsible. Once again, I've no idea what my brain is trying to tell me with these kind of dreams... :U
  7. I'm quite shocked that I just got "New Years Day" (Considering that /all/ the other BVB song names were taken!)
  8. Sleepy and exhausted. I should probably get some rest, ugh.
  9. Yep! Top of your scroll, there's a little thing under your trophies that says "Filter by:" and then there's a drop-down list. Just choose the BSA one and you can see what's currently available. A picture to help:
  10. A cheeseburger from a local restaurant.
  11. I giggled at what you named the coded one, hah. Anyway, thanks to everyone who's been breeding BSAs for Halloween prep! I've got a lot of nice lineages from hunting them lately~ :3 This one's a nice 2G from a combo of BSAs~ I might breed a mate for it to continue it, I think.
  12. That's basically what I meant. In fact, what you just said matches how I feel exactly, and I agree wholeheartedly in everything you just said. I just can't convey what I actually mean because I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words, whoops.
  13. I have this board game that I used to play with my family, called Wahoo, which is played on a hand-crafted wooden board with holes drilled into it, and your playing pieces are marbles. It's really similar to the board game Sorry! but I think this might have been created before that game? I don't know, my aunt received the board from a family friend like, 40 years ago, so.
  14. I had a very strange dream the other night about a fancy restaurant the had a very well-known reputation. It was "old-time-y" and like, a three-story building located in the downtown area of some city (in fact, the entire dream felt like it was taking place in the upper 1800s?). It was really weird, like, they cooked the food in a line-up format where everyone could see what they were cooking...but that was just part of the "show" and the actual food was cooked in the back. I honestly have no idea what this dream means, but it was certainly one of the more vivid one's I've had, which is always neat.
  15. Some...caramel sauce at like 5 in the morning...
  16. Missed a CB Gold. In the coast. Again.
  17. Somehow I managed to breed a Shimmer from a Falconiform! (Which was promptly delivered to the person I owed it to~)
  18. (This entire post is mainly referring to the departures thread, which is where I gift the most.) My rules about gifted eggs vary, depending on the line. There are a few special lineages that I gift that I ask that go to homes that will keep them and name them, but otherwise I usually don't care that much what people do with my eggs. Generally, (especially with prize lineages and other rares), my stance is that if trading it helps them get whatever they wanted/needed more, then that's awesome! I do find it a little odd/annoying when people take a gifted egg and immediately abandon it, or release it when it grows up. I generally gift nice lineages (and the only messy one's I gift are rares anyway, which make for good freeze fodder), so I don't really get it, but I mean--oh well, am I right? Let's see, in terms of /taking/ a gift, I find it incredibly rude when you don't get a thank you, or even a response. I don't care if the thank you is via PM because you don't want other's knowing you were the one who took it! Just...just say anything!
  19. Annoyed, because my phone is acting funny and won't turn on. It's charger light is on and flashing, and it'll randomly vibrate every now and then...buuut the screen won't turn on. And this phone doesn't have a removable battery, and holding down the power button (as well as any combo of power + volume button) isn't doing anything.
  20. My experience is almost the same, in regards to never being taught a specific religion. My mother never really brought it up much, nor did she attempt to force what she believes in onto me. That's one of the big things that I really, really appreciate about my mom and how she raised me. She thought that it would be better to let me get older and then decide for myself how I felt. Overall, I'd say that I'm teetering somewhere between general agnosticism and agnostic theism. I like the idea of some greater deity watching over us, but I'm not sure that that's actually the case. And I don't think that humans really have the right to say what may or may not exist. In the grand scheme of things, we're so little and insignificant, who are we to say whether something of that power exists? However, the universe is so big and extensive, that I definitely think that it's plausible that some greater force lies beyond. There's just too much we humans don't know and can't understand to give a definite answer as to whether a god exists or not, or at least, not in my opinion and experiences. I know there's a part of me that definitely believes that there's a greater power out there somewhere watching us though, because sometimes when things get really bad, I actually do send a little silent prayer to "whatever deity that may or may not exist." I think the thing I've settled on most is just this: we humans will never know for sure whether a god/s exist because it's outside our comprehension and we are not meant to know. And that's honestly something I'm content with. (Then again, I'm only 16 now, so maybe one day my thoughts and opinions on this matter will change. ) /// On a more general topic of religion, and less orientated around my own personal beliefs, I think it's very important for humanity as a whole to simply respect other religions and their beliefs. I have an issue with extremists, but people like that exist in /every/ religion, and it's best to just ignore them in most cases. That said, I find other religions very fascinating and interesting, and I have no problem with people who share different beliefs as I do, as long as they don't try to shove their beliefs onto me or tell me what I believe is "wrong." And in return, I will never actively tell someone that what they believe is wrong, or try to convince them otherwise.
  21. I'm feeling terribly scared and shaken right now. My [insert multitude of swear words here] step-dad, after arguing/causing more emotional abuse to my mom, left the utility door open even though he was aware my ferret was out playing. ...My ferret then (who is basically my child) found his way into the utility room, spurred by the curiosity that comes along with all ferrets, and found his way behind the dryer. Now, the tubing that drains to outside the house has been broken for months, and aforementioned [more swear words] step-dad of course, hasn't fixed it (despite mother asking him repeatedly over the past few months). This tubing was broken open to the point that my precious little child got inside and managed to escape to the outdoors. When I noticed that I hadn't seen him running around, that's when I discovered the left-open door and freaked. I was this absolute horrid mixture of infuriated and scared to the core. When I alerted my mom (who loves my ferret maybe as much as I do) and my step-dad, we went on a hunt for him outside. After about 10 minutes of looking, stomping around (because my ferret is deaf, which only made matters worse), and me assuming the worst, I finally found him back by the fence about to escape our yard. Needless to say, I cleaned the mud off him and then cuddled him for about 20 minutes. But I'm so ridiculously shaken at what could have happened tonight. I know this might sound a bit over-dramatic/silly to someone who does not share a deep bond with an animal, but I cannot stress enough that I love this ferret /like a child/. He is my son. And I almost lost him tonight due to the stupidity of someone who's been causing me years of emotional stress and abuse. I've been in a bad mental state lately, and there are a very limited number of things that keep me grounded to reality, my ferret being one of those things. I've already been tempted to fall back into the cycle of some bad habits because of the crap my step-dad's been pulling lately, and I can't imagine how bad things would get if my ferret disappeared forever. Oh, and what else? My step-dad then jokes about it, like IT'S NO BIG DEAL. He's there like, "Hahah, yeah, I guess I should have fixed that. Tonight marks Gumball's first escape from the house! " I was/still absolutely enraged. I shouted something along the lines of how it wasn't funny and then took my baby back to his cage in my room. I'm just so...like my hands are still shaking a little bit right now. Man...I just--I think anyone who's experienced almost losing a loved animal knows how I feel. I just wish I could get the terrible images of what could have happened to him if I hadn't found him in time out of my head. :/