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  1. Cool-ish right now (it's 70 degrees F out)! I can't wait for the cold weather.
  2. A bit tired, but for the most part, okay! Although I think I might be getting sick? I feel like I've got a fever but I can't find the thermometer.
  3. Ohh, here's one of my favorite home-made salted caramel sauce: 1 cup white sugar 6 tablespoons of salted (unsalted is fine too, but salted is usually preferred) butter, cut into 6 pieces 1/2 cup heavy cream 1/2 teaspoon salt Just heat the sugar until it's completely melted (on medium heat seems to work the best for me), and then toss the butter cubes into it! Once the butter is completely melted (very slowly) add in the cream. It'll bubble up and pop a bit, so be careful. Then just boil it for about a minute or so and then remove it from the heat. Sprinkle the salt into it and stir. Once it cools down, it'll thicken up and makes for a great sauce on just about anything sweet. You can store it in a jar in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!
  4. Let's see, well I've only got CB Lurkers and CB Graves, so I'll be breeding my graves with Spessartines and Magmas (and the offspring will be going to the AP) and as for the Lurkers? I'll probably breed them with Blacks and Whites, honestly. But I don't plan on doing much 2G trading, so everything I breed is just gonna go the AP.
  5. Well...I just finished the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, another wonderful game by Telltale Games...but it's left me feeling the same way /all/ Telltale Games do before all the episodes are out: anxious. I'm so ready for episode 2, ugh. And the game just came out a few days ago.
  6. Got this as as a mate for this! Assuming we get no refusals, it'll be the first perfect 3G prize checker I can breed. Also! These two didn't produce an egg, but at least they didn't refuse, which is a huge relief!
  7. Ravioli! Cold, straight from the can, because I usually prefer it that way (and I'm a bit too lazy to heat it up).
  8. Very amused currently, because my cat and ferret are playing tag. Which is literally what it sounds like, in which the two go back and forth in rounds of chasing one another. And it's really hilarious because sometimes Gum (my ferret) will dive for cover underneath a couch or table, and he'll wag his tail like mad before darting out to chase Zuko (my cat).
  9. To add to the discussion about 2G prizefails/kin: I think there are some people who actively collect 2G fails just for the heck of it (like myself). You can still do fun breeding things with them (like so) and for someone who doesn't have a CB prize and/or has a hard time trading for 2G prize dragons, I think prizefails are the next best thing! Plus, they're pretty. I have over forty 2G fails, a lot of which were gifted to me by awesome CB prize owners, and a lot that I traded for. Over-all, I think the ratio of traded:gifted is probably 2:1. I admit that I've...sometimes overpayed for some of them. But mostly, I've paid things like a single CB Xeno, a 3G metal, 2G Coppers, random CB hatchies, a single CB trio, pretty lineages (checkers mostly), etc. The price seems to vary quite a bit from CB prize owner to owner, but usually I haven't had to pay that much. Also note that all the prizefails I own were not specifically requested, and they were just random eggs the CB prize owner happened to have. I've only recently gotten around to requesting a specific 2G fail, which a lovely CB prize owner has agreed to breed for me for a very good price (actually, they've only asked for a sibling of this dragon). So honestly, even with specifically requested fails, I think the price really varies. But I agree that requested fails should be a lot more expensive than random ones, simply due to the time and pretty much everything harlequinraven said~
  10. Stressed. My mom and stepdad are fighting. Again. But at least I've got a new counselor who actually seems to be intelligent and kind of gets what my issues are? (Unlike the last one, who just asked me general questions about my life and then gave me some worksheets to fill out about "coping in a more effective way")...
  11. This didn't alt. Which is a bummer, since it actually needed to be an alt to continue the lineage, and I was thinking about building it a mate if it alted. Oh well. It's still a really nice lineage and I plan on keeping it~
  12. Thanks to whoever dropped the CB Ice into the AP!
  13. Quote-unquote: "I seriously miss the out of you." I don't really consider myself all that likable and I don't make friends very easily, so it's always a bit shocking but really nice to know that there are a couple of people who actually care about me and miss my presence when I'm gone.
  14. I got You Just Froze a Baby in reference to this Seriously just watch like, the first 40 seconds and you'll get the reference.
  15. I don't have any piercings. I'm not really sure why, I just...never did it. I always remember everyone in middle school getting their ears pierced and I was just like "lol no." I like piercings though. One day I'll probably get my ears pierced, and I'd like at least 2 on each ear. I have no idea when that'll happen though...Maybe when I turn 18 and get my first tattoo.
  16. As long as you use your Influences before the 17th of this month, they'll be off cool-down in time for Halloween breeding! Anyway, I've obtained the 2G Chronos (thanks again!) from Frill that I needed for my lineage project! If all goes according to plan, this will be bred to this, and when they spit out a Gaia, it'll be bred with this! Here's to hoping for no refusals~
  17. Personally, I've been calling lineages like these "twisted stairsteps" Twisted stairstep. (I think I'm the only one that calls them that though...) But certainly worth continuing because they're fun!
  18. Sick. I've got a headache, extreme nausea, and I slept for 15 hours. Just. Ugh.
  19. I picked up an epic lineage from natli as well! This stunning alt Vine x green Stripes checker! It's so darn pretty. I influenced it (something I rarely do with AP eggs) and I don't care if it alts or not, it's staying on my scroll!
  20. About to have brisket that we've been cooking for like, 15 hours now! =D
  21. A bunch of my Pinks gendered female, which is exactly what I needed!
  22. I've only got 2 zombie fodder this year, since I don't really like going on killing/starving sprees. A Cheese dragon is the first, so I have a shot at a non-gendered zombie, and then this very appropiately Halloween-theme coded CB. Hopefully at least one is a success!