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  1. Oh, oops, not sure what I was thinking there. Derp. Again, this would require lots of tweaking.
  2. Yes, I see that. I think it would just add a little, I don't know...something...I think if this idea were to ever really work, it would require a lot of tweaking. Although I still like the idea. But yeah, there needs to be more of an actual reason to actually need to click other dragons. Perhaps UV should be added into helping a dragon hatch/mature? Hmm.
  3. Hi!~ This idea is based off of something you can get on another adoptable site, called Project Nyoka! The basic idea is that every time you look at a view page for any hatchling/egg that isn't your own, there is a tiny tiny chance you'll receive a special dragon. I understand the difference in clicking between the two sites, so I think this "special dragon" would have to have a very very very small chance of getting (maybe around 2 - 4 percent). Also, if you receive one, it would already be an adult or act as a frozen hatchie (similar to a leetle tree) that way you avoid users possi
  4. For a failed Paper: You attempt stabbing [name] but nothing happens as the blade penetrates its body, and you leave the scene with many, many papercuts. For a Neglect: You approach [name] but the closer you get, you figure it's so battered and beaten by the time you reach it, you merely turn around. For a leetle tree: After many attempts to chop the lil' thing down and having it grow back like a weed, you finally resort to urinating on it. For a vine: No matter how many times you slice with your blade, the stupid weed keeps growing back!
  5. Grabbed this a while back! Gotta love those checkers! Oh, and this a while back as well! <--Pretty inbreeding is pretty. Grabbing pretties off the AP is just so much fun!~
  6. In the past 3 days, I've been gifted a cheese hatchie and an alt vine. Also in the past 3 days, I've caught a yellow dino, chicken, and leetle tree from the cave~ *happy*
  7. When I go insane because I think I've lost my iPod, and hours later I discover it's in my pocket, relieved it wasn't gone forever, haha~