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  1. I've only been here for two, and I didn't really participate in the Grave release...I just got online on the 31st, grabbed the new eggs, stuck them in a hatch site, and then left! I'm so excited. I'm gonna go AP digging. :3
  2. I'm not sure what the heck is wrong with me, or why I decided to take a peek in the AP right before Halloween breeding...but I'm kind of glad I did? Because I picked up this absolutely gorgeous perfect 3G Red x Old Pink checker. I've already incubated and influenced it properly. I'll have to hold it for about 5 hours as an egg into Halloween breeding, but I've decided that that's a perfectly fine price to pay for such a beautiful lineage. Thank you sylviamaris! Edit: Just noticed the ATLA parent names, which makes it twice as good. Ahhh, I'm so happy I snagged this egg!
  3. 77 degrees F, feels like 81 (due to humidity, ugh), and cloudy. It's supposed to rain super bad the next two days though, as a result of Hurricane Patricia apparently. We need the water though!
  4. Just some tortillas with hard salami in them.
  5. Just gifted off the last of the eggs on my scroll, so I'm completely clear for Halloween tomorrow night!
  6. Of course this gendered wrong, despite the influence I wasted on it.
  7. Currently trying to cope with the pure red anger that's burning deep in my chest. I honestly feel like punching a hole in the wall, but I don't want to stoop to the same level as the jerks who do that kind of stuff, so instead I'll just bottle it up inside.
  8. Considering that the names of pretty much all the STDs out there are taken, I think this will be okay, but I'm gonna ask here first just to be sure. Can I name something "Genital Warts"? I just saved the name on one of my dragons, but per usual, if it's not okay I'll remove it.
  9. Heh nice! Gotta love it when the shiny babs are nice to us. /// Anyway, I'm so ridiculously happy that my Falconiform Shimmerkin didn't refuse his mate! They even spit out an egg! Now, getting a shiny egg out of the pair is gonna be the difficult part.
  10. 76 degrees F and cloudy. It's supposed to rain the next few days though, which I'm looking forward to.
  11. A 4G gold Shimmer of mine has been very nice to me in terms of spitting out shiny eggs! Which is good, because that means more opportunities to gift people! But seriously, look at this. Not sure if Balloons are easy breeders with prize dragons or if I've just been lucky--either way, I'm not complaining!
  12. Oh. My. God. That's absolutely awful! Talk about devastating, man. /// Anyway, my own bad luck is that I auto-abandoned an egg I hadn't meant to earlier. Granted it was an egg I planned on gifting in the Departures Thread anyway, but still. It's more fun to personally gift here on the forums than just dumping them into the AP.
  13. Not much, I'd say, even though it's a 2015 gold Shimmer line. I'd say, 2 CB common hatchlings at best, but possibly more if you're lucky. Or 1 BSA hatchling. That's what I'd pay, anyway, and in turn that's probably all I'd ask for honestly.
  14. Probably...about 400 hours of that is all shiny hunting (mostly Friend Safari, but some Radar mixed in too). I did a lot of FS hunting before 1/512 odds got too easy/boring and I moved on to full-odds in the older games (1/8192 odds are much more fun)! I sincerely suggest that anyone who shiny hunts try out full-odds, because while it takes more patience, the reward of finally getting one afterwards is /so much better/. I've got...21 full-odds shinies now? The last one was an uncatchable Pooch on Sapphire though, when I was double-SRing for Mudkip.
  15. I logged 999:99 hours on my copy of Y, whoops. But keep in mind that I bought it at midnight the day of its release. Anyway, I'm listening to the OST of the first Ratchet & Clank game, which I haven't heard since I was like 9 years old and played the game religiously, and so I'm getting hit with a blast of nostalgia. Also, for some reason the music is actually kind of reminding me of the Dangan Ronpa OST? Now I'm gonna have to go and listen to that again haha.
  16. A little bit annoyed, because my step-dad thought I was 15 when my birthday was almost 6 months ago. And he was audacious enough to adamantly insist that I was 15! Like, umm, I think I know my own birthday and how old I am, thanks.
  17. I had to go pee really bad the other night, and I dreamed multiple times that I went to the restroom but then I was completely baffled as to why I still needed to pee. In my dream(s) I was like, "Dammit bladder what's wrong with you??" The dream itself was a big mashup of multiple smaller dreams that didn't really make any sense.
  18. I wouldn't be against this, but it doesn't really seem like a priority, or even something that time should be used on? (At least, compared to the fair number of more important/needed suggestions and requests here on DC). Like fuzz said, I know who my friends are and I don't really need a list for it. ^^; Plus, you can add people as a buddy already? I'm not sure what more you want, but if you have any ideas you should probably add them to your post to flesh out this suggestion more.
  19. I know he mentioned it somewhere in his Ask-a-Mod thread when someone asked about his breeding schedule for Thuweds (I tried to go digging for it but then I got bored after a few pages in ). But I was never quite sure if he was being serious or not...? But I hope so haha! Because I'm currently letting an important Shimmer on a breeding rest and I really hope it spits out a shiny egg when I decided to breed it again!
  20. I guess this counts, haha. Every time I get tradefodder that hatches, I almost always end up naming them before I can trade them so they wind up staying on my scroll. But honestly, I'm /always/ out of things to name and I'm always thinking of new things and it's hard to resist naming anything that's not named!
  21. Heh, look at all of us awesome Asian people! Are you guys stereotypically short too? Because I am! (4'11")
  22. "Like mah status if you like my serious face; dis my serious face:" Seriously though. I guess it's about time I drop a picture of myself here. Half-Korean with crooked glasses--yep, that's me.