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  1. Sometimes I hear random noises in the house and then misinterpret them as evil spirits coming to get me.
  2. A bacon and...no egg taco. Eggs omitted because they were those gross powdered kind.
  3. It's cold today! And gloomy! My favorite!
  4. I just got...heh Mulch Ado About Nothing Also, Groffle the Awful Waffle. /Parks and Rec references, oops
  5. Pokemon, of course. Also, DC itself. I seem to lose interest and then come back after a year or two.
  6. TFW the dragons for a lineage project refuse to produce eggs. *cries*
  7. In pain. A can of soup just attacked me and fell on my toes. I can already see a bruise forming, ugh.
  8. It was cool the past few days, but now it's warming up (again) and it's really humid. ;-;
  9. Pancakes! ...at like 3 in the morning, but still.
  10. This cutie gendered properly! And the one I was more worried about, despite the influence, also gendered correctly! Look at this little bad-boy. <3
  11. Yes! I'm so glad this thread exists! Just last Halloween I went trick or treating with one of my good friends, and there were a few...special gems mixed in with out candy. One lady answered the door and barked, "CANDY OR CHIPS," and after a flash of confusion, we answered candy. She gave us each a little ziplock bag with like, two pieces of candy in it as well as...a bunch of stickers that said "HOT" in all caps on them?? Like I got about 10 of these stickers in my bag? No idea what that even means but okay. And then there was the other house that gave literally no candy, but
  12. Successfully bred a mate for one of the Lurkers I picked up last week.
  13. Well, I got Horseless Headman. (Inspired from the Snickers commercial)
  14. I haven't caught any yet, whoops.
  15. So...the only thing I had lined up as zombie fodder failed. It had this amazing Halloween-themed code too. Please excuse me while I go cry tears of sadness.
  16. A Young Doctor's Notebook Wow! One of my favorite shows /ever/ because it's absolutely hilarious in a delightfully dark and morbid way. I'm probably going to be moving this name over to one of the new Halloween dragons this year!